When I Have Fears By John Keats

REFERENCE: These lines have been taken from “When I Have Fears”written by “John Keats.”
CONTEXT: In this poem, the poet Keats discusses his fears. He thinks that his mind is full of gleaming thoughts. But, he would never be able to write his thoughts on the pages of the history because he apprehends that he would die very soon. He would not be able to be among the greatest poets.
EXPLANATION: Keats is one of the greatest romantic poets in the history of English literature. In this poem, he tells about his fears which he has in mind. He also wants to convey the idea that love, beauty and fame are nothing. In the given lines, the poet says that he wants to become a great poet but different fears and apprehensions are surrounding him. He fears that he may die soon. His mind is full of thoughts as granaries are full of corn. The starry sky and the clouds changing their shapes have great romantic themes. He thinks that they would provide him great themes of great romantic treatment. There may be the old myths of ancient Greeks or new myths suggested by his fertile brain. He is sure that he can interpret them on the pages but his early death would deprive him of doing so. He also addresses his beloved and says that she is a fairy creature. However, her beauty is short lived. He is dejected to think that his death will deprive him of having a look at the captivating beauty of his beloved. He feels that he is standing at the shore of this world and concludes that love and fame are nothing.