About Me

About Me

Naeem Ullah Butt

Hello! I am Naeem Ullah Butt. I am fond of studying and writing on literature specially English, American & Pakistani literature (in Urdu).

That’s why, I did masters in English literature from IU Bahawalpur. That’s
why, I have launched this website so that I may quench my thirst of reading and writing on literature.

M.A. English(IU Bahawalpur)

This website contains material regarding literature. The reading material of three top literatures of the world will be discussed here.

The greatest of all these is that the website has also a special section for
Pakistani students. They can equally enjoy reading notes regarding their studies.

There are notes for all kinds of students i.e. Weak, Average and Intelligent. There will be solved papers as well as guess papers for the students.