The Solitary Reaper by Wordsworth

REFERENCE: These lines have been taken from “The Solitary Reaper” written by “William Wordsworth.”
CONTEXT:  In this poem the poet tells that once he visited Scotland. Passing through the fields, he saw a girl harvesting the crops as well as singing a song. He says that her voice was better than that of cuckoo and nightingale.
EXPLANATION: Wordsworth is a priest and worshipper of nature. He considers nature a nurse, a teacher and a guide. He has strong belief in its healing power. He believes: “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” In the poem, he wants to show the effect of solitude on his mind. In the given lines, he tells that he saw a girl singing as well as doing her work in the fields. The poet was unable to understand her song because she was singing in her own local language. He tried to guess its meaning but could not. He also advised others not to disturb her. He believes that her voice was better than that of cuckoo and nightingale. When the poet started climbing the mountain, he was still feeling the strong and powerful effect of the song. He was unable to forget her voice and the atmosphere at that time. He wished to listen it again but it could not be heard again. However this song has become a permanent and everlasting source of pleasure and satisfaction for the poet.