The Huntsman By Edward Lowbury

Explanation for Any Verse
REFERENCE: These lines have been taken from “The Huntsman” written by “Edward Lowbury.
CONTEXT: In this poem, the poet has expressed the importance of wisdom and prudence. He says that the world has many fools like Kagwa. They cannot be so wise as the kings are. The kings are diplomatic but Kagwa was unaware of it and caused his own destruction.
EXPLANATION: Actually, this poem is a dramatic poem full of suspense. It presents a contrast between wisdom and foolishness. The basic purpose of the writer is to give the message: Think before you speak.In the given lines, the poet tells us about Kagwa who was a hunter and hunted the lions in the forest. Once, he saw a talking skull in the forest and told the king about it. The king did not believe in it. However he sent two guards with Kagwa to investigate the matter. They went to the jungle and found the skull after a great labour of many days. Kagwa asked the skull how it had reached there but it did not answer. In the end Kagwa was killed. When the guards went away, the skull opened its mouth and asked Kagwa how he had come there. Kagwa replied that too much talking had brought him there. No doubt, talking is a gift of God but sometimes we speak without any reason and commit a sin. In much of your talking thinking is half murdered.So, we should speak carefully, act wisely and avoid useless things.