Load-Shedding OR Water Crises in Pakistan

1. Electricity is the part and parcel of our life.
2. Almost all the countries enjoy this basic need of their life. But, in Pakistan it is in short supply.
3. Load shedding badly affects the life of the people belonging to all walks of life.
4. There are so many causes behind load-shedding.
                                i.            Water crises
                              ii.            Inefficiency and corruption of higher authorities
                            iii.            Political chaos
                            iv.            Delay in construction of new dams
5. Immediate measures should be taken to remove this problem.
Electricity is the part and parcel of our life. Almost all the tasks of our life depend on electricity. No industry or home appliance can work without electricity but unluckily even in this age of science and technology, it is in short supply in Pakistan. That’s why, it has been a regular feature in Pakistan for the last many years.
Whatever   the   time is, load-shedding is totally unscheduled. Sometimes, it is scheduled. Bu whether it is scheduled or unscheduled, it casts disastrous effects and affects the life of the people belonging to all walks of life whether they are students, business men, shopkeepers, industrialists, farmers, mechanics and house wives. Its first major effect is on the economy of the country. It increases poverty among the people because the mills and factories cease working and the labour class of the country becomes unemployed. It means it not only causes unemployment but the industrial progress also comes to stand still. Secondly, fluctuation plays havoc with the home appliances like freezer, TV, computers and washing machines, etc. Thirdly, it also affects the business of the shopkeepers. The students cannot study properly. It also increases crime rate in the country. Thefts and robberies take place during load-shedding. The major effect that it casts on the economy of a country is that the foreign investors are not ready to invest in Pakistan. The investment of foreign investors can be of great help to remove poverty and unemployment and make better the economy of the country but it is sad that Pakistan is losing all these chances. Another major effect that it causes is that it causes panic in a society. The people take part in demonstrations and protests and sometimes we have also observed that the participants of these protests and demonstration have set government offices on fire. The foreign investors are not ready to invest in Pakistan. The thefts and robberies take place during load-shedding. The people feel panic in society. They protest against the government.
The reasons of load-shedding or electricity crises are many. The very first reason is water crises in Pakistan. This water crisis is due to sporadic rains and long term solid water policy. India is also causing a great damage to Pakistan in this regard. Indus Water Treaty was a great agreement that could solve many issues related to water crises but Indian obduracy has always done great damage and added water crises in Pakistan. Second major reason of load-shedding is corruption, inefficiency and defective planning in WAPDA. Mega projects like Kala Bagh Dam, Bhasha Dam, and Mehmand Dam have remained incomplete due to the problems of political interference, provincialism, extremism and defective policies. Second, political upheaval is another major reason of electricity crises. Democratic stability has always been absent from Pakistan. No government had ever tried to take some solid steps to overcome this problem. Third, available resources have always been misused. Power-theft is a common feature of our society.
This discussion clearly shows that .Pakistan can never make progress unless it gets rid of electricity crisis. So, our government should take all possible measures to solve this, problem as soon as possible. First, Pakistan should raise its voice at international forum to show Indian obduracy. Second, the concerned authorities   should   be   made   vigilant.   Thirdly, mega   dams should   be   constructed to avoid water crises without further delay. Fourthly, the present available resources should be developed as soon as possible. Power-theft should be stopped. It is also our duty to point out the persons who commit power-theft. The people should also make wise use of electricity. They should use energy saving devices. If these steps are not taken, our country would never be able to make progress in all walks of life.                                                                                                                                                                                             (Words: 623)