1. Pakistan was achieved after offering many sacrifices.
2. But, she has been facing almost all the social evils.
3. These evils include bribery, nepotism, dearness, unemployment, worsening law and order situation, suicide attacks, religious extremism and adulteration.
4. These evils cast disastrous and untold effects.
a. A society is unable to make progress.
b. There is panic, sensation and anxiety in a society.
c. The people lose their trust in the policies of the government.
d. There are so many chances that the military may take charge.
e. There is the exploitation of the poor by the rich.
5. There are so many reasons for these social evils.
a. Ineffective policies of the government
b. Political chaos in the country
c. Defective management system in the country
d. Poverty
6. What can we do to nip all these evils in the bud in society?
Pakistan, my beloved homeland was achieved after offering many sacrifices. The dream of the Muslims was to live in complete freedom but it was not only the freedom from foreign domination but also the freedom from the social evils which were condemned by the Quaid-e-Azam in his first address to the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. But, unfortunately, it did not happen. She has been facing many social evils. These evils include bribery, nepotism,   dearness,   unemployment,   worsening law and order situation, suicide attacks, religious extremism and adulteration.
These social evils cast disastrous effects in society. The people accept bribery to fulfill their basic needs. Owing to dearness, it becomes difficult for a layman to meet his basic needs. He indulges in different negative activities like robberies and suicide attacks. The same is the case with unemployment. The worsening law and order situation creates anxiety and panic in society. Adulterators play with the life of the people. Suicide attackers and terrorists damage life and property on a large scale. Hoarding ‘promotes dearness. Nepotism also promotes hatred among the people against the government. The injustice that is being to the poor and innocent people also gives birth to negative activities in society. A country cannot make progress due to all these social evils. A society loses its reputation at the international level. In such circumstances, foreign investors are not ready to invest.  The people become anxious, emotionally disturbed and peevish.
There are so many reasons of these social evils. The first reason is the political chaos in the country. Change of government, again and again, causes these evils. The new government rejects the policies of the previous government. A lot of money is wasted in that way. Second, there is no proper system to do anything. The people want to do their work by any means. Third, most of politicians are dishonest. They have nothing to do with the poor people. Our religious scholars are also promoting hatred among Muslims. However, one of the major reasons of all these social evils is illiteracy which does not let people get awareness.
What should we do to remove all these social evils? First, we need a true leader who may make us free from all social evils. Second, the guilty persons should be given exemplary punishments. Thirdly, the literacy rate should be enhanced in the country. Fourthly, our religious scholars should come forward to create unity among the Muslims. Fifthly, we should follow the teachings of Allah and the right path shown by His Holy Prophet. Only then, we can get rid of all the social evils and become prosperous and great as a nation.                            (Words: 445)


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