China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
1.      CPEC is a regional connectivity project.
2.      The purpose of CPEC is to bring economic stability in Pakistan and China.
3.      CPEC is a game changer for the people of both these countries.
                                i. It will bring economic stability in Pakistan as well as in China.
                              ii.            It will invite foreign investors to invest in Pakistan.
                            iii.            It will cause the growth of trade in Pakistan as well as in China.
                            iv.            It will increase import and export of Pakistan.
                              v.            It will remove energy crises in Pakistan.
4.      The main obstacles in the completion of this project are internal and external threats.
5.      This project has nothing negative in it.
6.      Some suitable steps can make it an enviable project for Pakistan as well as China.
CPEC stands for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is actually a regional connectivity project. The major part of the project is based on One Belt One Road (OBOR). Most of the investment on this project will be made by the Chinese institutions. However, Pakistan is also to invest fifteen billion dollars. It is not only a project of great significance for China and Pakistan but also for the other neighbouring countries like Iran, Afghanistan, India and Central Asian Republic. The basic purpose of CPEC is to bring a new era of economic stability in Pakistan as well as China.
CPEC is considered a game changer for both Pakistan and China. It will strengthen bilateral relations between Pakistan and China. The completion of this project will definitely be an important breakthrough for the economy and development of Pakistan. It will bring a new era of prosperity to Pakistan. It will be the major source of new roads, railway tracks and highways. It will increase the economic growth rate of China and an under developed country like Pakistan. It will foster new job opportunities for the Pakistanis and remove unemployment. It will also invite foreign investors to visit Pakistan and invest their money on different projects. It will cause an increase in trade. This trade will especially be of oil and petroleum products. It would be the first longest “Trade Corridor” that has been designed to increase the import and export of oil and petroleum products. It will also alleviate the ratio of poverty in Pakistan. If Pakistan is able to alleviate poverty, definitely there will be decrease in crime rate in Pakistan because poverty is the main cause of increasing crime rate. It shows that it will raise the standard of living of the Chinese as well as Pakistanis. It will also make better the agriculture system of both these nations. CPEC will also be of immense help in removing energy crises with which Pakistan is faced with and that has disastrous and bad impacts on the economy of Pakistan. It will also bring peace and prosperity in Pakistan.
This project is not free of threats i.e. internal as well as external. Our country is faced with extremism and internal elements are causing terrorism in Pakistan. International forces like India are supporting militants groups and anti-Pakistan elements. The terrorists groups in Afghanistan are also trying to create instability regarding the completion of this project. Politically Pakistan should be strengthened because political instability is also a threat for this project.
This project has nothing negative in it. It should be completed at any cost. With the best possible arrangements, all the threats regarding the security issues should be tackled vigilantly. For the great success of this project and strong bilateral relationships between Pakistan and China, “Chinese Language Centers” should be launched in Pakistan. Strong economic policies by Pakistan should be made. To make Pakistan a stabilized, a developed and an invincible country of the world, these steps must be taken immediately. (Words: 498)