Pak-India Relationships

Pak-India Relationships
Pakistan and India are the two neighbouring countries and two of the seven atomic powers of the world but unluckily both the nations have strained relationships. That’s why, the nature of relationship between Pakistan and India has been complex. The reasons of strife and strained relationships between these two countries are many.
The very first reason of hostility that has been prevailing from the beginning is the religious differences. Both the nations are completely different in their religious outlook. The Muslims are ‘Monotheists’ and the Hindus are ‘Polytheists.’ The Muslims believe in the equality of all men and women but the Hindus believe in the caste system.
Similarly, after the partition, they occupied Kashmir and declared it the part of India. Most of the people in Kashmir are Muslims. But the Indians have been doing cruelties to the Kashmiris since 1948. Pakistan has always supported the Kashmiris. We can say that Kashmir is a bone of contention between Pakistan and India. That’s why, two prominent wars between Pakistan and India have been fought. One war was fought in 1965 and the other was fought in 1971. Kargill War was also fought between these two countries.
No doubt, many efforts have been made by both these countries to establish diplomatic relationships between Pakistan and India. Shimla Summit, Agrah Summit, Lahore Summit, Ceasefire agreement which was made in 2003 and Delhi-Lahore bus service were the prominent developments in improving the relationships between these two countries. But all these developments became futile. Again in 2007, Samjhota Express bombing which is still fresh in the minds of the people occurred. Most of the passengers who died in this bombing were the Pakistanis. The incident which took place in 2008 named Mumbai Attacks has also damaged the relationships between Pakistan and India. But above all, the loss of life and property which Pakistan has been facing for the last fifteen years is due to the involvement of Indian agency RAW. Kalbhoshan Yadev has been arrested from Baluchistan and he has confessed that he has been involved in many attacks taking place in Pakistan. Pakistan has raised its voice against the Indian agency RAW on many occasions at national as well as international level but no vain. However, the incidents which have added fuel to fire are Pathankot Attack and later on Pulwama Attack. Once again the relationships between these two countries are on the brink of war. After the attack made by the Indians, Pakistan captured Indian air force pilot Abhi Nandon but released him to give the message to the Indians and the world that Pakistan is a peace-loving country and wants to establish relationships with India. It was a great step taken by Imran Khan to give another chance to restore relationships between these two countries.
Actually, both the countries are faced with the major problem of poverty. They have been spending a lot to increase their defensive power. They should try to have strong relationships for the prosperity of this region. The organizations like the UNO must come forward and try to settle down the disputes between these two nations. These two countries should also handle the extremists with an iron hand.                                                                                                                                                                                  (Words: 530)