Place of Women in Society

1. In the past, a woman had no status. She was considered inferior to man.
2. But with the arrival of Islam, a woman got a great status.
3. Now, we see a woman working in all walks of life.
4. However, sometimes she is violated.
5. She could be made aware of her rights.
6. She should also work within the framework of Islam.
7. We should launch special programs to make a woman aware of her rights and duties determined by Islam.
In the past, a woman had no status in society. She was inferior to a man.  The only duty of her life was to give birth to children and to perform domestic jobs. She was kept uneducated. She had no share in property. She was just like a slave. She was violated and buried alive because her birth was considered ominous.
But, it is only Islam which gave woman a respectable status. Now, she is respected as a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife. The Holy Prophet has said, “Paradise lies under the feet of mother” This Hadith by our dear Holy Prophet has clearly shown the status of a woman. Now, that’s why, a woman is not ignorant. She is respected everywhere. As Islam doesn’t prohibit a woman from doing jobs, now she is working in every field of life. Now, she is a great doctor, an engineer, a nurse, an air hostess and a great politician. In all the walks of life, she is seen performing her role whether it is national level or international level.
However, even in this age of religious enlightenment, she is still violated. Under the influence of feudal and tribal culture, she is treated cruelly. She is maltreated and molested. She is forced to walk naked in the streets. Such incidents have been observed in many countries. Sometimes, acid is thrown on their faces. In this way, they are disfigured. Similarly, sometimes we see her losing her life from stove bursts. Swap manages have also ruined their lives.
This discussion clearly shows that a woman has got a much better status than in the past. However, there is still great room for the improvement in the rights of a woman. So, a woman should be educated and made aware of her rights through electronic media. The laws regarding the rights of women should be strictly enforced. However, a point to be noted is that a woman should never go beyond the limits of her freedom. She should work within the framework of Islam. Our religious scholars should come forward to promote the status of woman in society so that a woman could be .able to lead an honourable life. Our government should launch a campaign on media for the betterment and welfare of a woman. It is the only way with which we can be able to give them their rights.              (Words: 399)


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