12. The Bachelor’s Dilemma by Hubert Gold

12. The Bachelor’s Dilemma by Hubert Gold

1. The Reaction of Different People towards a Bachelor

Q.NO.1: What is the reaction of different people towards a bachelor when he attends the party? 1. What does the wife see? 2. What does the husband see? 3. What does the girl see? 4. What does he see himself?

Answer: A bachelor is looked at with different type of feelings when he attends a big city-party. The way different people react is following.

What does the wife see?

A married woman immediately compares a bachelor with her heavy snorting husband. She thinks that unlike her husband, he is young, attractive and romantic.

  1. What does the husband see?

A married man considers the bachelor a lucky man because he is not married. He also takes pity on the bachelor because he thinks that he does not enjoy the blessing children, hearth and married life.

  1. What does the girl see?

A young girl considers him a possible catch. She also knows this reality that he might have cheated many girls like her but she satisfies herself thinking that he will not cheat her.

What does he see himself?

A bachelor thinks that he is a lucky man because he is not married. He is answerable to none. But he also thinks that is unlucky because he is alone in this world. Once, an ex-bachelor said: “Got sick of that old face in the bath-room mirror.” It clearly shows that he feels alone and boredom in his life.                (Words: 197)

2. Main Problem of a Bachelor OR Kinds of a Bachelor

Q.NO.2: What is the main problem of a bachelor? OR “It is no secret; one of his major problems is sex.” Discuss. OR What are the two kinds of a bachelor according to sex?

Answer: Sex is the basic need of every human being. So, it is the main problem of a bachelor. To stress his point, the writer offers the example of amoeba and tells that even it is necessary for amoeba. It has the ability to divide itself into two parts. It does not need any other partner for reproduction. It gets power if it touches another amoeba. In the same way, it is necessary for a bachelor. The quality of sex produces two kinds of bachelor. First type of bachelor is attractive young man. His nights are colourful because he always spends his nights in the company of beautiful girls. He gets what he wants. But, it is sad to know the fact that he gets what he actually does not want. Second type of bachelor is a shy fellow. He does not have the courage to express his love. He spends his time in the company of girls but only in his dreams. He is a man of shattered thoughts.

To conclude, both the bachelors are pitiable because both cannot enjoy the real bliss of having a good house wife.                                            (Words: 189)

3. The Problems of a Bachelor

Q.NO.3:  What are the main problems of a bachelor? OR What is the main dilemma of a bachelor?

Answer: In this essay, “The Bachelor’s Dilemma”, the writer Hubert Gold has discussed the problems of a bachelor. He says that a bachelor is a lonely fellow.  He has nobody to share his feelings with anybody. Second, he is always in search of a girl who may prove herself a good wife but all his efforts end in smoke. Third, sex is one of the major problems of a bachelor. However, he tries to solve this problem through immoral way. He is often considered a man of doubtful character. Even his married friends try to keep him away. In a party, different people look at him in different ways but no one really respects him heartily. For a young girl, he is a possible catch. A married woman compares him with her heavy snorting husband. Fourth, a bachelor proves himself a coward fellow because he lacks confidence. His decision power is weak. He cannot take a decisive step in any matter of life. He fails to marry because he is unable to find the girl of his liking.                         (Words: 178)