13.Tolerance by E.M.Foster

13. Tolerance by E.M.Forester

1. Foster’s Views on Tolerance OR Love as a Sound State of Mind

Q.NO.1: What are Foster’s views on tolerance? OR Why does the writer not favour love for rebuilding civilization? OR Tolerance is not the same as weakness. OR “This ceaseless effort to put up with other people seems to almost ignoble, so that it sometimes repels generous nature, and I don’t recall many great recommended tolerance.” Discuss. OR What is sound state of mind? OR Is love a sound state of mind?

Answer: In this essay, the writer discusses the importance of tolerance in the reconstruction of the world. He says that the Second World War has caused great destruction. Everyone is expressing his different views to rebuild civilization but the writer offers his own experience. He believes that with a proper state of mind, all the policies can be made successful. Some people think that love is the only force to rebuild civilization. They think that love is the sound state of mind. In writer’s point of view, love is futile in public affairs. He gives the example of Christian civilization which tried love again and again but failed completely to bring the nations close together. The proper state of mind is less dramatic and less emotional and it is tolerance. By nature, it is negative. But, it is the force which can settle down the disputes of the people and restore peace in the world. It can bring the nations close together. (Words: 161)

2. Fanaticism in Different Nations

Q.NO.2: It is easy to see fanaticism in other people but difficult to spot it in oneself. Is it really so? OR What is fanaticism? Point out the fanaticism in different nations.

Answer: Fanaticism is an evil passion. It is one’s love for one’s creed. A person who is a bigot in following his creeds is a fanatic. According to the writer, a fanatic is narrow minded person who believes that he is right and all the others are in the wrong. Fanaticism gives birth to many other evil passions like hatred and jealousy and these passions can cause any damage to the people. The writer offers the example of the Germans. The Germans were faced with the superiority complex. They believed that all the other races were inferior to them. The British came forward and started preaching against the Germans. It fostered the feelings of patriotism among the British and they won the war against the Germans. But, on the other hand, the British did not stop preaching their own propaganda. They thought that they were white and it was their right to govern the world specially the people of India. They left no stone unturned to enslave the blacks, the browns and the yellows. That’s why, the writer says: “We spot about fanaticism in others but fail to see in ourselves.(Words: 190)

3. The Solutions to Maintain Peace OR The Nazi Solution

Q.NO.3: What is the Nazi solution according to the writer? OR What attitude should we adopt to the people who are different from us? OR There are two solutions i.e; Nazi solution and tolerance. Which of these two would you prefer?

Answer: E.M. Foster tells us the importance of tolerance in this essay. He says that there are so many races in the world. There are so many differences among them. These differences have caused so many wars among these nations but there are only two solutions to settle down their disputes and restore peace in the world. These two solutions are Nazi Solution and tolerance. Nazi solution means that if you do not like people, kill them, segregate them or banish them. The other solution is tolerance.  If we analyze these solutions, we can say without any hesitation that Nazi solution is definitely not fit because it will give birth to aggression, unceasing hatred and violence that will definitely give birth to wars among the nations. On the other hand, although tolerance is a negative virtue by nature, it is the best way to solve all the issues. It can become the motivating force for the people to live in peace. It is a great virtue which can reconstruct human civilization once again. So, of the two solutions, tolerance is the better.                          (Words: 181)