SANTIAGO’S SEARCH FOR FISH (The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway)


Q: Discuss Santiago’s search for fishing. OR How did Santiago come across gigantic fish?

Answer: After facing a failure of eighty four days to catch a fish, Santiago did not lose heart and decided to go on fishing expedition with new zeal. On 85th day, in the morning he went to Manolin’s house. Both of them came back and prepared fishing equipment including the oars, the mast, the gear of the boat and the sails, etc. Then, the equipment was loaded in the skiff. Manolin pushed his boat into water. Very soon, the old man reached the part of the sea, named “Great Well” by the fishermen. It was a place where the fish was in abundance. Santiago threw four baits at different depths in the water. After a short while, Santiago felt a jerk in the line which was fixed at the rear of the skiff. He picked up the line. He was overjoyed to see that he had hooked a big dolphin. After some time, he felt that the weight of the line had increased too much. He caught the line between the thumb and the forefinger of his right hand. He came to know that it was a big fish.                                                         (Words: 187)