SANTIAGO’S STRUGGLE TO CATCH THE MARLIN (The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway)


Q: Which is the greater challenge for the old man, struggle with the fish or fight against the sharks?  Discuss Santiago’s struggle with the fish. OR

Answer: The greater challenge for the old man is his struggle with the fish not his fight against the sharks. As a typical Hemingway hero, Santiago had strong will-power and the ability to show grace under pressure. Unluckily, he had been unable to catch any fish for eighty four days. The other fishermen began to call him “Salao” but he did not lose heart and on 85th day, he went far out into the sea to catch a huge fish.

At the first stage, he dipped the stick. He learnt that a big fish was eating the bait. The fish started swimming steadily. At sunset time, it was still the same.

At the 2nd stage, the old man saw the fish. The marlin was two feet longer than the skiff. But he was not afraid of this situation and said: “I will show him what a man can do and what a man can endure.”

At last, at the 3rd stage, the marlin rose again. He harpooned the marlin. The marlin fell down dead. The old man secured the marlin alongside and set sail for home. In this way, he succeeded in killing the marlin.                                 (Words: 194)

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