THE ROLE OF MANOLIN IN THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA (The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway)


Q: Draw a character sketch of Manolin and his role in the novel. OR Why does Manolin have such great faith in Santiago? What is the relationship between Santiago and Manolin?

Answer: Manolin was the 2nd important character in the novel. He was very loving and caring. After leaving Santiago’s boat, he still saw the old man daily and looked after his basic needs.

Manolin and the old man loved each other. They had a “Disciple-teacher”relationship but it was also “A father-son relationship.” The old man felt his absence when he was in trouble: “I wish I had the boy.”  Manolin was a source of energy for the old man. The old man himself said: “The boy keeps me alive.”

Manolin had complete faith in the skill of the old man. When the old man told the boy “They beat me, Manolin. They truly beat me,” the boy replied with complete faith, “He did not beat you. No the fish.”  When, the old man said: “No, I am not lucky,” Manolin replied “I shall bring the luck with me.”

Having made this survey, we can say that the relation between Santiago and Manolin was of “Guru” and “Chela.”  Both were nothing without each other.

                                                                                                (Words: 174)