Facebook-Advantages & Disadvantages

Facebook is a social networking website. It was launched in 2004 but it has got immense popularity in the people belonging to all walks of life. It is no more than a medium of communication, yet it is much more than that. The journey of its popularity is not over yet. Millions of users are joining it every year.
Facebook is a phenomenon and it is not difficult to count its advantages. Its one of the major benefits is that you can share your information. You can share your pictures, videos, ideas and many other things. Its second benefit is that you can chat with your friends. It provides an online simple chatting application. That’s why, there is a great decrease in the use of Skype, Yahoo any other messengers. Thirdly, through Facebook it is very easy for us to find our old and new friends as well as colleagues. We can easily have an access to their addresses and e-mail addresses. Fourthly, Facebook is one of the best available sources to advertise our products. On Facebook, we can create our own page and share it with other friends. This page allows us to target the people of specific age, geographic location and interests, etc and makes sour ads most useful and effective. Fifthly, Facebook is also one of the best sources of entertainment. It offers so many types of games to play. There are also so many applications that can be used and enjoyed. Apps like photo editing, horoscope and stock analysis are also available for its users. Sixthly, it is also a great source of killing boredom. The people who are tired of their hectic routine of life can easily remove their boredom and enjoy it. Seventhly, we can share our ideas and get comments from others. It also helps us in building our right ideas. Eighthly, it is also working as a matrimonial site.
Facebook is not without its shortcomings. It is a double-edged weapon. It has benefits as well as disadvantages. First, it is believed that its use is just the wastage of time. Most of the people use it for hours. The students ignore their studies and it definitely affects their studies. Secondly, its too much use shatters the nervous system of its user. It creates sleeplessness and restlessness in its users. Third, it is a source of vulgarity. Many ill-bred users use it for negative purposes. They share vulgar videos with their friends and the public. In this way, they promote vulgarity through their videos. Fourth, no doubt it is the best use of sharing your ideas but sometimes some users use it to propagate false ideas related to religion, sects or on any other topic of their interest. Fifth, sometimes friendship of both the sexes on Facebook ruins their life. So many people blackmail girls and post their vulgar videos on Facebook. It has damaged the life of so many girls. So many cases of suicide by the girls have been reported.
To conclude, Facebook is a great source of information, sharing ideas, asking questions, chatting with friends, killing boredom and getting entertainment. Its advantages are numerous but its disadvantages cannot be overlooked. It should be used positively by its users. The students must pay special attention to its positive use because it is not bad, rather it is its use that makes its bad.                (Words: 562)