7. The Process of Preparing Effective Business Letters (Notes of Business Communication and Report Writing)

The Process of Preparing Effective Business Letters

The success of any business depends upon the nature of the message we want to send others. The writer of a message must use different devices to make his message effective. He should keep in mind the following factors to write an effective business message.

1.      Identifying the Purpose of Message

The writer must have a clear idea of the message he wants to convey. If he does not clear idea of his message, he will fail to communicate effectively.

2.      Analyzing the Audience

The writer of a letter must keep in mind the interest, the problems, and the liking of his audience. He must know if he is going to deliver a message to an individual or a group of people, to note or female, or to an educated person or uneducated person. The writer must know the mental, special and cultural level of his audience in mind.

3.      Choosing the Ideas

The next step of a writer is to choose the ideas which he is going to include in his message to attract the attention of his audience. He must be relevant and clear. There should be no ambiguity of ideas. The ideas should be always writer on some piece of paper. The idea may always be in agreement with the message. 

4.      Collecting Facts

The writer must support his writing by adding specific faces, figures quotations and other forms of evidence to strengthen the case of the firm. When he does so, he must observe that he is not going against the policies of his firm. He should check all the facts and figures thoroughly.

5.      Organizing the Message

The writer must offer an organized message. He should be precise and authentic. He should avoid inconsistency in writing.