11. Sales Letters (Notes of Business Communication and Report Writing)

 They are written to sell goods or services. There so many way of advertising. But the sales letters are the most effective of all. It aims to sell particular kinds of goods or services to same selected customers. Its purpose is to persuade the readers, that’s you are going to sell what he needs. You make everything attractive for him.

Kinds of Sales Letters:-

1.      Solicited Sales Letters:-

They are written in response to inquiries related to sales. The buyers want to get the information about the price, terms, catalogues and condition of trade. They ask their information in order to finalize their trade.

2.      Unsolicited Sales Letters:-

They are the real sales messages. They are written to introduced goods and attract buyers. They are not written in reply to questions of buyers. A sales letters urges the buyer to buy the product immediately.

Uses of Sales Letters:-

            There are five principle uses of sales letters.

1.      Sales letters sell by mail:-

Books, magazines, furniture, carpets and clothing are included in this category. The letter are sent to selected customers along with illustrate, circulars, reply card and envelopes. In the western countries even fruits and fish are sold like that.

2.      Sales letters produce inquiries:-

Sometimes, the buyers interested immediately but even then he makes some queries sue to some doubt or the wish to get complete information. The seller sends him the answers of the questions made by the buyers. In this way, a chain of getting or giving information runs between seller and buyers convinced in the end.

3.      Following up sales inquiries:-

Many inquiries are made by the reader of advertising. In the response to his inquiries the firm sends him form letters and printed material to usage him to purchase product.

4.      Induce people to visit the store:-

Sometimes sales letters are used to arouse the interested of the buyers to have the visit of the store to make up their mind to buy those goods.

5.      Building Goodwill:-

Sales letter are used to build good will between the seller and the buyers. They are used to welcome, great or thank the customer for their patronage.

Elements/ Functions of Sales letter:-

            A sales letter performs four functions.
A.    It attracts our attention.
B.     It arouses our interest.
C.    It produces conviction and desire.
D.    It stimulates action.
The best guide for the writer of an unsolicited sales letter is the AIDA organizational plan. The AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

A.    Attracting the reader’s attention:-

The main objective of a sales letter is to attract the attention of the reader. We can say that it is just the sort of advertisement. The following things are always helpful in attracting your customer.
Ø  Use quality paper.
Ø  Seal your letter in its envelope.
Ø  The letter must be printed.
Ø  Address each letter to a particular person by name if you know it.
Ø  The opening should be fresh, honest and interesting. It should not be unrealistic or exaggerated. For this purpose, one must adopt the following ways.
Ø  The paragraph may start with such questions, why should you go to office in this bad weather.
Ø  The opening sentences may also have a courteous command like.
Ø  You can also begin your letter with question.

B.     Arousing interest:-

The second function of a sales letter is to create interest in the mind of a reader. It will be possible only when we build a picture of the product we want to sell.

C.    Creating desire:-

The third objective a sales letter is to create desire in the mind of reader to buy that product. He must convince him why he should buy that product. He may also give the judgment if other people who have used that product.

D.    Stimulating Action:-

The main objective of a sales letter is to force your reader to buy the product you are going to sell. If he does not buy your product you have not achieved your goal. You can win him by adopting the following ways.
Ø  He may be offered some specified discount.
Ø  He may be offered some gift or prize schemes.
Ø  He may be offered the facility of credit.
Ø  He may be asked to place an order on telephone calls.
Ø  Sometimes, in the closing paragraph some special reasons are given to act at once.