19.From Some Policemen and a Moral by Chesterton

19. From Some Policemen and a Moral

1. As a Satire OR Encounter of the Writer with the Policemen OR Moral Lesson of the Essay

Q.NO.1: Write a short note on the writer’s experience in the wood and the policemen. OR What were the charges against G. K. Chesterton? OR Why was the writer acquitted so soon? OR “I was certainly accused of something which was either an offence or was not.” OR Write a brief summary of the essay? OR How does the writer satire the police department? “I was left because I was a guest of a very big house.” Discuss. OR What is the moral lesson of the essay? OR What does the writer want to teach us?

ANSWER: This essay is a great piece of satire on the attitude and performance of police department of Chesterton’s time. The writer wants to tell that most of the policemen at that time were very harsh in their attitude towards the common man. To strengthen his point of view, he gives the example of personal life experience with two policemen.

The writer says that once he got a chance to go through a forest. He took a knife and began to throw it at a tree. He missed his target. Unluckily, two policemen appeared there. They accused him of damaging the tree. The writer denied that charge and tried his best to convince them but failed. They started interrogating the writer. The writer introduced himself that he was a journalist and also offered references of some renowned influential persons. Hearing this, they let him go.

The writer wants to tell that the policemen did not give importance to their duty and the people rather they gave importance to money and the status of the people. The policemen did not arrest the criminals and bothered people like Chesterton.                                                                                    (Words: 186)

2. A Note on Pakistani Police

Q.NO.2: The policemen in Chesterton’s essay behave exactly like our own police.

ANSWER: In the essay From Some Policemen and a Moral,” the writer presents the ugly picture of the attitude of policemen of his time. The writer wants to tell that most of the policemen at that time were very harsh in their attitude towards the common man. They considered a poor man a criminal and without any reason investigated him.

Same is true of our police. Rather it would not beyond the limit to say that our police are nothing else but a burden on national treasure because no doubt there is corruption in every department in Pakistan but the department which has never shown performance is of police. Most of the policemen in our country are dishonest and accept bribe. They question and interrogate gentle people of society. An educated or poor person who wants to enjoy promenade at any time, is arrested but, after accepting some bribe he is released after a day or so. Innocent people are killed in fake police encounters. Instead of giving protection to the people, they play with their life and property. They do not show any respect to men, women and children. Sometimes, they molest women.                                                                                   (Words: 193)