Summary of Oedipus Rex (English)

Summary of Oedipus Rex (English)
When the play opens, we see the people of Thebes begging their king Oedipus to liberate them from plague that has threatened the city. Oedipus who is a well-wisher of the people has already sent his brother in law, Creon to oracle to know what to do. Creon comes back and tells Oedipus that oracle has announced that the discovery of the former king’s murderer will remove the plague. Oedipus gets ready to solve the issue.
Oedipus sends for Tiresias who is not ready to meet Oedipus. But when he comes, he says that Oedipus himself is the murderer of the king. In anger, Oedipus asks him to leave the place.
Oedipus tries to get advice from his wife. She asks him to ignore it but he is not ready. However, she further tells him the prophecy made by a prophet. She tells him that the prophet told her that their son would kill her husband but it did not happen because the baby was abandoned and killed. However, her former husband was killed by a band of robbers. As soon as he listens to it, he is worried because before he came to Thebes, he killed a man who resembled the king.
But there is another trouble with Oedipus. As a young man, he also learned from an oracle that he would kill his father and marry his mother. When Oedipus knows that his father has died, Jocasta feels happy and tells Oedipus that the prophecy did not come true. 
To take further steps, he decides to meet shepherd who can tell him the truth of his mystery. At first the shepherd refuses to tell the reality, but soon after being under threat of death he tells what he knows. The reality he discloses is that Oedipus is actually the son of Laius and Jocasta.
The prophecy becomes true. Oedipus is unable to bear it. He is also shocked to know that the queen has killed herself. He takes the pins from her gown. He rakes out his eyes so that he may not be able to look upon the misery he himself has caused. He becomes blind. But after being blinded and humiliated, he begs Creon to kill him. In the end, we see him submitting to Creon’s leadership. He humbly awaits the declaration of punishment which will be announced by the oracle.