4-TAKE THE PLUNGE (Gloria Emerson)

                            4-TAKE THE PLUNGE

                                  1. The Reaction of the People

Q. No. 1: What is Gloria Emerson’s purpose in writing this essay? What were her motives in making the jump? OR What was the reaction of the people when the writer declared her intention to take the plunge?

Answer: Gloria Emerson has written this essay to show that strong determination is another name of success. She could not succeed as a story writer in newspaper. To attract others and make her name popular, she decided to do something extraordinary. So, she decided to jump from an airplane. However, when she declared to jump from an airplane, everyone was surprised because no one believed that she could do so. Some were amused and some were puzzled. They thought that she would harm herself. The reason of such reaction was her poor physical appearance. She was a woman of weak health with a bad back. Her ankles were uncertain and eyesight was weak. Even, she could not drive properly. That’s why, the people reacted in such way. She did not like this attitude of the people and decided to startle others about her extraordinary inner strength. “I wanted to be brave about something.” In the end, we see that succeeded in making successful jumping from an airplane. Everyone was surprised at her successful effort. (Words: 173)

2. Theme of the Essay OR Feelings of the Writer after Jumping from the Airplane

Q. No. 2: Discuss Gloria Emerson’s experience of taking the plunge. 

Answer: When Gloria Emerson decided to jump from an airplane, everyone was surprised. However, on a May morning, she went to a “Sports Parachuting Center”. and was told by the in charge that parachuting was as safe as swimming. When she boarded a Cessna 180, she felt strange in jump suit, the helmet and the boots. She wanted to do many things but was unable to do.

At 2300 feet, her turn came after her companion had jumped out. She was feeling a stab of pain in her back. She shouted but the drillmaster pushed her yelling “Go”.

When she was in space, the parachute opened. She opened her eyes. There were dribbles on her chin. She found her eyes and nose leaking. She wiped everything with her gloves. In the space, there was no noise. She witnessed what she had never witnessed before. She enjoyed everything i.e. the colours of the vast sky and the pleasure of being in the air. She wanted to stay in the air but she had to drop at the target. All were surprised then pleased. (Words: 181)

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