15. To Err is Human by Thomas

15. To Err is Human

Resemblance between the Computers & Human Beings

Q: To what extent do computers resemble human beings? How does Thomas distinguish the reasoning of each? OR Do you think that computers share the weakness of human beings? OR Discuss the similarities and differences between computers and human beings as explained Lewis Thomas. OR Explain the essay “To Err is Human.”

Answer: In this essay, the writer says that man as the best creation of God has reasoning faculty. He has the ability to think, calculate and make choice between different things. The computers have also the ability to think, calculate and find solutions. In the same way, if a man can commit mistakes, the computers can also commit mistakes. If a man learns by trial and error method, the computer also has the ability to find newer and newer things with the help of trial and error method. However, sometimes we think that computers do not commit mistakes. But sometimes we receive wrong telephone bills, electricity bills and wrong bank statements. No doubt, it happens. But, the writer is of the opinion that all the mistakes which a computer makes are not actually due to a computer but they are the result of a man’s mistakes. Actually, machines are operated by man. If a computer commits mistake, the reason is because they are the result of a man’s negligence. They may be the result of fingering, tampering or hitting the wrong key. After all, they are the extension of human mind.(Words: 190)