1. First Year At Harrow by Sir Winston Churchill


1. First Year At Harrow by Sir Winston Churchill 
(Questions & Answers)

Q.No.1: The writer says that the examiners ask questions which the students cannot answer and not those which they can answer. Is this complaint just?

Answer: No, this complaint is not just because the examiners have to prepare question paper according to the syllabus which is specific and same for all kinds of students. 

Q.No.2: What sorts of questions are asked by your examiners?  

Answer: The purpose of the examiners is to differentiate between dull and intelligent students. That’s why, they ask both easy and difficult questions. These questions cover the entire syllabus.

Q.No.3: Why didn’t Churchill do well in the examination?   

Answer: Churchill could not do well in the examination because he was interested in history and essay writing. However, the examiners set the paper out of Latin and Mathematics.

Q.No.4: How did he (Churchill) do his Latin Paper?              

Answer: He wrote his name at the top of the page. Then, he wrote the number of question with the bracket. After that, he wrote nothing on the paper and left it blank.

Q.No.5, 6, 7: Churchill was taught English at Harrow and not Latin and Greek. Was it a gain or loss?  OR What good did his three years’ stay at Harrow do him? OR In after years how did the knowledge of English stand him in good stead?                                      

Answer: At Harrow, he was taught only English for three years. He learnt the English grammar thoroughly. This knowledge helped him in getting a job easily. He also became an essay writer.

Q.No.8: Write an appreciation or criticism of Churchill views in regard to the study of Latin, Greek and English and their value in earning a living?

Answer: Churchill favours the learning of English not of Latin and Greek because he believes that the English language is an easy source of getting job and earning livelihood.


Q.No.1: In which subjects were the examiners interested? OR What were the favourite subjects of the writer? (FB-2008)   

Answer: Latin and Mathematics were the favourite subjects of the examiners. On the other hand, the writer had great interest in the subjects of history, poetry and writing essays.

Q.No.2: Why was Churchill selected for admission in spite of his bad performance? OR Why was Churchill admitted to Harrow despite his bad performance?                                                                                                                       (FB-2010, 13)

Answer: The Headmaster did not believe in paper manifestation. He had the ability to judge the general ability of a student.That’s why, he allowed Churchill to get admission.

Q.No.3: Why were the examinations a great trial for the writer? OR Why did Churchill dislike examinations? OR Why did Churchill call examinations an “Inhospitable region?”(FB-2010,15)    

Answer: The examinations were a great trial for the writer and he declared them inhospitable region because the examiners asked the questions which he did not know and not those which he knew.

Q.No.4: Where was the writer placed in the list of the newly admitted students and why? OR Where were the names of new boys written? OR What does the writer regret to say? (FB-2009)         

Answer: In the list, the writer’s name was two steps above the bottom due to alphabetical arrangements. He regrets to say that the last two students left the school and he was at the bottom. He was placed in the lowest division of the Fourth.

Q.No.5: What were the intelligent boys taught at Harrow? (FB-2011)

Answer: At Harrow, the intelligent students were considered industrious.That’s why, they were taught Latin and Greek. However, weak students were considered dunces. That’s why, they were taught only English.

Q.No.6: Who was the head master of Harrow? What was his role in the molding Churchill’s personality? OR Why did the writer have great regard for the Headmaster? OR Who was the Headmaster of Harrow and what was his opinion about Churchill? (FB-2012)

Answer: The writer could not attempt any question. However, the Headmaster, Mr. Weldon concluded that the writer could be admitted to Harrow. That’s why, the writer had great regard for him.

Q.No.7: Who was Churchill? (FB-2014)                                                         

Answer: Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain. He was also an essayist. He was awarded Nobel Prize for his literary services.