2. Visit To A Small Planet (Plays First Year)

2. Visit to a Small Planet 

Questions & Their Answers With Urdu Translation

Q.No.1: How does Kreton prove his extra ordinary power? Write five sentences.
Answer: He proves his extraordinary power in the following ways.
1. He can speak all the languages.   2. He can conquer any part of the world. 3. He can read the minds of the people. 4. He cannot be captured by anybody. 5. For his protection, he raises an invisible wall around his flying saucer.
Q.No.2: What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton?
Answer: His aim is to study the inhabitants and the progress in science and technology made by the people of the earth. It is his favourite theme of study.
Q.No.3: How much advance is the civilization of Kreton than that of the earth?
Answer: Kreton tells that the people of earth are backward in science and technology. While, the people of his planet have knowledge about this universe.
Q.No.4: Can the people of the earth compete with the people of Kreton?
Answer: No, the people of earth cannot compete with the people of Kreton. Kreton claims that civilization on the earth is just beginning while the civilization of Kreton is much advanced.
Q.No.5: How much damaging is violence?
Answer: The use of illegal force is violence. It shatters the moral pillars of a society. Law and order situation is disturbed. The economy of a country goes to dogs. There is panic in society. The country cannot make progress.
Q.No.6: What type of life do you see in year 5000?
Answer:Year 5000 will be the age of science. Man will lead artificial and mechanical life. He will be ruled by the machines. The world will become a global village.
Q.No.7: Hoe much impressive were morals of Kreton?
Answer:Kreton’s morals were very impressive. He had great power but he was humble. When General Powers and his soldiers tried to destroy his spaceship, he did not react in anger.
Q.No.8: What is the role of General Powers in the play?
Answer:General Powers played a very important role in the play. He was a patriot and the leader of the team of soldiers who tried to catch Kreton. He considered Kreton an enemy. He ordered to arrest Kreton but could not succeed.
Q.No.9: What is the theme of study of Kreton?
Answer: The theme of Kreton’s study is to study the inhabitants of the earth and the progress in science and technology made by them. This is his favourite theme of study.
Q.No.10: How does Kreton impress General Powers?
Answer:Kreton impresses General Powers with his extra ordinary powers. When General and his secretary attack him, he stops them at a distance.