DIFFERENT THEMES OF THE NOVEL (The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway)

                          18. DIFFERENT THEMES OF THE NOVEL

Q: Discuss different themes of the novel: “The Old Man and the Sea.” 

Answer: The novel “The Old Man and the Sea”is not just an entertainer or a time-killer. It has something that goes deep down our psyche. On one hand, it is just the struggle of the old man to catch a big fish but on the other hand it contains many themes for its readers. Its first major theme is “Dignity of man. The writer wants to point out that it is beneath man’s dignity to lose hope against adverse circumstances of life. In crucial moments, the great tragic heroes say great things and so does Santiago: “Man is not made for defeat. A man may be destroyed but not defeated.” Its second major theme is “Optimism.”The old man, in spite of his failures does not lose heart and says “My big fish must be somewhere.” Its another major theme is “Man’s sense of pride.” A man must have the courage to face the failures manly to sustain his pride. The novel also teaches us to continue our struggle in all the circumstances regardless of the consequences because “The real thing is not to win rather the real thing is how you fight.”                                     (Words: 190)