5. The Piece of String


Q.NO.l: Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking up the lost pocket-book?

Answer: Manana accused Hubert because he saw Hubert picking something at the same place where the pocket-book was lost.

Q.NO.2: What did the people think of Hubert when they heard the return of the pocket-book by some other person?

Answer: The people did not believe Hubert rather they thought that he had dropped it somewhere to prove his artlessness and innocence.

Q.NO.3: Why did George give the pocket-book to his employer?

Answer: George was an uneducated person. He could not read, so he gave the pocket book to his employer so that it might reach its owner.

Q.N0.4: What did make Hubert shameful?                  

Answer: The people called him a liar. He was a sensitive and edgy person. He took it to his heart. This stigma made him shameful.

Q.NO.5: Why did the people make fun of his innocence?

Answer: The people made fun of his innocence because he pleaded for his innocence again and again. They thought that his guilt had made him ill.

Q.NO.6: Why did he keep claiming his innocence before his death?

Answer: He kept claiming his innocence because he was innocent and wanted to restore his respect in the eyes of people but they did not believe him.