8. The Gulistan of Sa’di


Q.NO.l. What was the advice given by Nushirvan to his people?

Answer: Nushirvan was a just ruler. He advised the people to avoid cruelty, injustice and oppression and to nip the evil in the bud.

Q.NO.2. What was the remedy suggested by the physician for the disease of the king?

Answer: When the king did not recover, they suggested that the disease of the king could be cured by means of bile of a person having certain qualities.

Q.NO.3. Why did the boy look to the sky and smile? 

Answer: He looked to the sky smiling and prayed to God for mercy and refuge because he was being slaughtered to save the life of the king.

Q.NO.4. What should be the role of a Qazi?     

Answer: The Qazi should be kind to the people. He should do justice to the people. He should fear none except Allah.

Q.NO.5.Why did the king weep?                       

Answer: On hearing the words spoken by the boy, the king began to weep because he had realized his selfishness. He also released the boy.

Q.NO.6. How did the king recover?                      

Answer: The king took pity on the boy and in return God took pity on him and blessed him with health and new life within a week.