12. The Gift of the Magi


Q.NO.l. How much did she save for Christmas?

Answer: She saved one hundred and eighty seven cents for Christmas. It shows that she was  a careful girl who did not spend uselessly in her buying.

Q.NO.2. Why did she feel pride in the beauty of her hair?

Answer: She felt proud because she knew that her hair was more beautiful than any queen’s jewels and gifts.  It made itself into a dress for her.

Q.NO.3. Why did she sell her hair?                             

Answer: She sold her hair because she had no money to buy a gift for Jim. She did not want to celebrate Christmas without giving Jim a gift.

Q.NO.4. Why did Jim sell the gold watch?

Answer: He sold gold watch because he wanted to buy a gift of beautiful combs for Della’s beautiful hair. He did not want to celebrate Christmas without giving her a gift.

Q.NO.5. Why did they want to present gifts?      

Answer: They loved each other passionately. They did not want to celebrate Christmas without giving each other a gift.

Q.NO.6. Why did she feel sad on losing her hair?  

Answer: She felt sad because she thought that she would lose her respect in the eyes of Jim. He would think that she worked for money.

Q.NO.7.Why didn’t Jim welcome her when he stepped in?

Answer: When he stepped in, he saw Della without her beautiful hair. He did not welcome her because he had bought beautiful combs for her hair.

Q.NO.8. What did he bring out from his coat?                

Answer: He brought out something tied in paper. They were beautiful combs which he bought for Della to offer her as gift on Christmas.  

Q.NO.9. How beautiful was the gold watch chain?  

Answer: The gold watch had quietness and value. Its value was in its rich and pure material. It was costly and perfect for Jim’s gold watch.

Q.NO.10. What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable things?

Answer:  There was no element of wisdom in it. It was only the passion of love and display of caring attitude for each other and nothing else.