9. The Foolish Quack


Q.No.1: What is a clump of trees?

Answer: The word ‘Clump’ means a group of things which are growing together. So, the clump of trees means the group or cluster of the trees growing very close to each other.

Q.NO.2. What was stuck in the camel’s throat?                  

Answer: A camel entered the melon field and tried to eat melon. But unluckily, a melon was stuck in the camel’s throat.

Q.NO.3. What did the quack pretend to cure?         

Answer: A certain man who was observing the treatment of the camel-man with a camel went to the next village and pretended to cure goiter.

Q.NO.4. What did the quack do with the woman?              

Answer: He tied up her throat with a blanket and struck with a mallet the swollen part with so much force that she could not bear that blow and expired at once.

Q.NO.5. What was the result of the cure?                                              

Answer: The result of the cure was the death of the woman because the treatment which he applied was suitable for animals not for men.

Q.NO.6. What was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by the villagers?

Answer: They did not take him to the king. They compelled him to dig the grave of the old lady. Later, they beat him and let him go.

Q.NO.7. For whom did the quack dig the grave?          

Answer: He dug the grave of the old woman whom he killed by his wrong treatment which was suitable for animals not for human beings.

Q.NO.8. What did the quack do in the next village?        

Answer: He was not influenced by the treatment of the villagers. He, once again, pretended himself as a doctor who could cure goiter.

Q.NO.9. Why didn’t the villagers let the old man cured?

Answer: The villagers did not let him cure the old man because before he started his treatment, he was talking of digging the patient’s grave.

Q.NO.10. Why did the quack come back to the camel-men?

Answer: He came back to the camel-men because he thought that they had not shown him the right way to cure goiter.