15. The Angel and the Author—and Others


Q.NO.l. At what point of journey in his dream did the author hear the throbbing sound of wings?                               

Answer:  There was faint light buried beneath darkness when the author heard the throbbing sound of wings.

Q.NO.2. What time of year was it?               

Answer: It was about a fortnight after Christmas when the writer saw the dream. He found that he had died and was being taken up in the sky.

Q.NO.3. What does the writer like about Christmas?    

Answer: Christmas makes everybody kind and generous. This is the thing that the writer likes about Christmas.

Q.NO.4. Write down the five deeds the author has admitted are a great joy on Christmas?

Answer: The deeds of great joy on Christmas are following.

  1. He gave money to four charity dinners.
  2. He raised funds for the poor curates.
  3. He donated 12 photographs signed by him to a charity bazaar.
  4. He sent his old clothes as well as new coat to the rummage sale.
  5. He bought a raffle ticket to help the needy.

Q.NO.5: Why are noble deeds always a great joy for the author?

Answer: Noble deeds are always a great joy for the author because he feels pleasure in doing something for the needy.