Terrorism (Weak & Average Students)

7. Terrorism
“He, who kills a man, kills the whole humanity.” The Holy Quran
Terrorism means the threat or use of force against the civilians or armed forces for the political or personal interests. The terrorists resort to bombing, killing, high jacking and cross border terrorist activities and massacre. In this way, they cause the death of so many precious lives. The main purpose of terrorism is to destabilize a country politically, socially, economically and administratively.
Its main causes are narrow-mindedness, fanaticism, fundamentalism, intolerance and religious extremism. In so far as this problem is concerned in Pakistan, it has many reasons. First, the external agencies like RAW want to create instability in Pakistan.
Sectarianism is another major reason of terrorism in Pakistan. The people of one sect cannot bear the people of other sect. the open speeches of religious sentiments by the scholars against the other sects incite the people of other sects. That’s why, sometimes we see bombing on religious gatherings.
Third major reason of terrorism is denial of justice from police and other concerned offices. When innocent people are not done justice, they become negative in their thinking. As a reaction, they adopt the activities like terrorism.
The effects of terrorism are untold. Terrorism creates panic and anxiety in a society. The country cannot make desired progress. Economically, it goes to dogs and the foreign investors are not ready to invest in the country. The people lose their faith in justice. They strive to take the law in their hands. It also deprives a nation of its peace of mind and the moral pillars of a nation are shattered. The country loses its image at international level.
I would offer some suggestions to curb terrorism from our society. First, illegal foreign entry should be eliminated root and branch. Second, religious tolerance should be promoted. To promote religious tolerance, the religious scholars should come forward and struggle to create unity in the nation. Third, social injustice should be checked with an iron hand. The honest officers should be appointed.
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