Tartary By Walter De La Mare With Urdu Translation

Tartary By Walter De La Mare
Explanation For Any Lines
REFERENCE: These lines have been taken from “Tartary” written by Walter De La Mare.”
CONTEXT: In this poem, the poet wishes to be the sole ruler of an imaginary land, Tartary. He says that everything would be under his control. He would be the owner of all the things. He would live here with great pomp and show.
EXPLANATION:This is an imaginary and a romantic poem. After reading the poem, the reader is not ready to accept the idea of poet. However, as a reaction to the mechanical routine of life and tiredness from this artificial life, a modern man may wish to go to such a dream-land to be allured for the time being to remove his boredom. Keats says:Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.” In the given lines, the poet expresses his wishes which he wants to fulfill as a ruler. He wants to enjoy regalia. He wishes to have a bed made of ivory, beautiful peacocks, beautiful dresses made of beads, car drawn by seven zebras, and the musicians announcing his meal time by playing different musical instruments. He wants to have different lights in his courtyard. In short, all the hills, the mountains, the valleys, the stars and trees, etc would be his property. In short, Tartary would be rich in natural beauty and resources and he would enjoy all these gifts as a sole ruler. He would live his own life. He would live a life of grandeur.