A Strange Hen (Moral Stories in English)


4. A Strange Hen OR 

The Hen That Laid a Golden Egg Daily 

         Storytelling is as old as man. It has been one of the greatest sources of preaching moral values because every story is written with some moral purpose. All the prophets, saints, religious scholars, and teachers have been adopting it as a source of preaching any kind of morality. If one follows the lesson preached in the story, one can avoid many perils and problems. The story “A Strange Hen” also gives us a sublime moral lesson.

Once, a man had a hen that laid a golden egg daily. He took the egg, sold it in bazaar and became the richest person of his area. But he was greedy and wanted to become rich in a very short time. He decided to kill his hen. His friend who had come to meet him advised him not to kill his hen because he would get no egg in the future but he did not pay any attention to his advice. He took his knife and killed the hen. He tore open its stomach but was surprised to find only one egg. He began to beat his breast in woe and wailing because he had realized his folly but it was useless to cry over the spilt milk. He was quite helpless and miserable at that time. The story teaches us that we should take every step cool-mindedly.


1. Greed is a curse. 

2. Haste makes waste. 


  1. Never use the moral lesson as the title of the story. The title must be pure title. It should be “A Strange Hen”, “The  Strange Hen”, The Hen that laid golden eggs” or “A hen that laid golden eggs.”  Whatever the title you have read, follow that specific title.
  2. Most of the moral stories have more than one moral lesson. Sometimes, the students try to write more than one moral lesson. In doing so, they make mistakes. I would advise them to write the specific moral lesson in which they have been asked to write a story.