USE OF SOLILOQUIES (The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway)


Q. Discuss the old man’s talking to himself. OR Discuss the old man’s love of thinking. OR Write a not on the loneliness and isolation of the old man. OR How does Santiago fight against isolation? OR Why does Santiago talk on the sea and why? OR Why and how has Hemingway used soliloquy? Elaborate.

Answer: Soliloquy:It is a device which is used in dramas. A character is shown speaking regardless of the hearers. Its purpose is to show the inner working of the character. Hemingway has used this device for the following reasons.

As we know that Santiago alone fought a tough battle with the big fish and the sharks. He overcame his sense of loneliness by talking himself so that he might boost up his failing spirits.

In his time of crisis and grief, he remembered the boy, Manolin and said: “I wish, the boy had been here.” He also dreamed of lions and spent his time of loneliness in the company of young lions. He also enjoyed the company of green turtles and hawk bills. He even talked to gigantic fish. He said: “I love you and respect you very much.”

Through these soliloquies, we come to know that Santiago was a paragon of tenacity, fortitude, strong will power, courage and patience. We also come to know about his love for sea, birds and beats of the sea.                                   (Words: 177)