Short Questions Book-III Plays (For Intelligent Students)


Q.No.1: Why could not she describe the killer?

Answer: The girl could not describe the killer because of the two reasons. First, having watched a dead body, she became nervous and could not see the killer clearly. Second, the darkness and heavy rain created fear in her mind and didn’t let her see the killer clearly.

Q.No.2: What were the circumstances that forced her to leave her car?

Answer: There were three reasons which forced her to leave her car. First, her car ran short of gas. Secondly, she was being chased by the killer. Thirdly, it was dark and stormy night with lightning and thundering. In this hell of time, she had to leave her car.

Q.No.3: Why did she ask for help from the first man?

Answer: The Girl was being chased by the killer. She reached the bus stop and found the First Man there. She was helpless and wrecked. She needed someone’s support. That’s why, she asked for help from the First Man. She did not think it awkward to seek his help.

Q.No.4: What was the condition of the weather?

Answer: The weather was quite unfavourable and uncongenial. It was raining heavily with lightning and thundering. With each flash of lightning, the light dimmed in the room almost to the point of going out.

Q.No.5: How did the second man accuse the first man of lying?

Answer: The First Man had actually concealed the Girl’s presence from the Second Man. However, the Second Man had already seen her through the glasses of the door. When after some time, the Girl appeared on the scene, the Second man accused the First Man of lying.

Q.No.6: Did the girl become suspicious of the first man as the play progresses?

Answer: The girl did not suspect the First Man at all as the play progressed. However, the reality downed upon her later in the play when the first man took out the flash light from his pocket which fell from her hands when she was being chased by the killer.

Q.No.7: What is her impression about the second man?

Answer: The girl’s impression of the Second Man was negative. She considered him a killer and thought that he was chasing her. That’s why; she said ‘Thank God’ when he left. However, her impression about the second man got a change at the end of the play.

Q.No.8: Why didn’t she accompany the second man?

Answer: She did not accompany him because she thought that he might be a killer who was chasing her. She feared that the second man in fear of being caught would kill her on the way because she was the only witness of his killing a woman and the place of occurrence


Q.No.1: How does Kreton prove his extra ordinary power?

Answer: He proves his extraordinary power in the following ways.

  1. He tells them that he can speak all language.
  2. He tells them that he can conquer any part of the world.
  3. He tells General Powers that he is thinking about his promotion when he intends to attack him.
  4. He raises a wall around his flying saucer.
  5. When General and his secretary attack him, he stops them at a distance.

Q.No.2: What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton?

Answer: In the beginning, Kreton tells Spelding that his purpose to visit the earth is to study the culture of the earth people and the progress in science and technology they have made. He says: “You are my hobby.” But later, we come to know that he wants to get the possession of the whole world with his extraordinary powers.

Q.No.3: How much advance is the civilization of Kreton than that of the earth?

Answer: The civilization of Kreton is more advanced than that of the earth. Kreton tells that the people of the earth are at initial stage of progress. They are backward in science and technology. While the people of his planet have overcome death and become immortal. They have flying cars. They have the ability to read the minds of the people.

Q.No.4: Can the people of the earth compete with the people of Kreton?

Answer: No, the people of earth cannot compete with the people of Kreton in any field of life. Kreton tells that the people of the earth are at initial stage of progress. They are backward in science and technology. While the people of his planet have overcome death and become immortal. They have flying cars. They have the ability to read the minds of the people.

Q.No.5: How much damaging is violence?

Answer: Violence is the use of illegal force. It is very dangerous for mankind. It causes feelings of insecurity among the people and anarchy in a society. It becomes the main cause of social injustice, social disarray, extremism, economic downfall, moral deterioration, political chaos, class distinction and racial discrimination.

Q.No.6: What type of life do you see in your 5000?

Answer: Year 5000 will be the age of enviable progress made by man in the field of science and technology. The people will lead artificial life. The diseases would be under control and the people will have long life. Space travel will be common. We will be able to visit other planets. The world will become global.

Q.No.7: How much impressive were morals of Kreton?

Answer: Kreton’s morals were impressive. He was kind, gentle and very friendly. As soon as he landed on the earth, he began to make friends. He was very humble. In spite of the great power he had, he did not use any violence when General and his soldiers tried to destroy his spaceship.

Q.No.8: What is the role of General Powers in the play?

Answer: General Powers played a very important role of a Military officer. He was a chief of the National Guard, a security organization of the United States. He thought that Kreton was an enemy. As a head of his team, he ordered his team to catch Kreton but remained unsuccessful in his mission.

Q.No.9: What is the theme of study of Kreton?

Answer: His aim is to study the inhabitants and the progress in science and technology made by the people on the earth. This is his favourite theme of study. He wants to know how he can control and rule the people of the earth. Then, he wants to find some ways of making better their condition dramatically.

Q.No.10: How does Kreton impress General Powers?

Answer: Kreton impresses General Powers in the following ways. First, he narrates to him the human history of hundreds of years. Second, he tells them that he is immortal. Third, Kreton tells him about his intention of promotion when he intends to attack him. Fourth, he assures them of his ‘Limitless Power” by raising a wall around his flying saucer.


Q.No.1: Where does the play take place?

Answer: The play takes place at the barber’s shop in a small town. This town is situated in OK-by the-Sea in California. The town is situated in the hills near the sea. It is a very small town with the population of nine hundred and nine.

Q.No.2: Why is Harry sitting in the barber’s chair?

Answer: Harry, the barber is sitting in the barber’s old-fashioned chair to get his hair cut by a boy of nine or ten named Clay Larrabee. Harry is reading a book. He is fond of reading books because the shelves in his shop contain many books. His discussion with Clay is also philosophic.

Q.No.3: According to Harry, how does one bring merriment to the tired old human heart?

Answer: According to Harry, one can bring merriment to the tired old human heart by painting some beautiful picture, writing some book, composing some symphony and inventing a philosophy. Then, on being asked if he has invented some philosophy, he tells Clay that his philosophy is “Take-it- easy way.”

Q.No.4: What is Harry’s philosophy?

Answer: Harry’s philosophy is ‘Eat, drink and be merry.’ He takes everything easy and does not worry about anything. The exact words of his philosophy are “Take-it- easy way.” He himself follows this philosophy and leads a life of contentment. He enjoys reading and fishing.

Q.No.5: How much did Harry pay for his barber’s shop? How long has he been in Ok-by-the-Sea?

Answer: Harry came to this town twenty-four years ago. The barber’s shop was for sale. He had eighty dollars in his pocket. He paid 75 dollars for the shop including the hair cut free for the seller. Now, he was the only barber in the town. He had been in Ok-by-the-Sea for 24 years.

Q.No.6: How many barber’s are there in Ok-by-the-sea?

Answer: Ok-by-the-Sea is a very small town. There is only barber in Ok-by-the-Sea. His name is Harry Van Dusan. The presence of only a single barber shows that the people of this place are not fond of fashionable haircuts. We can also say that being poor, they cannot afford expensive hair-cuts.

Q.No.7: How much does Harry charge for the haircuts?

Answer: Harry charges one dollar for haircut. Mostly, he gets half or a quarter dollar under necessity because he cannot demand more than this amount of money because he knows that the people of the town are very poor and do not afford fashionable and expensive hair-cuts.

Q.No.8: Where is Clay going?

Answer: Clay is a very poor boy of nine or ten. He wants to support his family. Therefore, he is going to the beach to collect some stuff like sea shells, sea plants and fish to sell them so that he may collect some money to buy a gift for his mother.

Q.No.9: Why does Clay need money?

Answer: He needs money for the following reasons. First, he wants to support his family because his family is faced with poverty. Second, he wants to put an ad in the newspaper to bring his father back. His father has left home after quarrelling with his mother. Third, he needs a gift for his mother.

Q.No.10: What has happened to Clay’s father? OR Why has Clark Larrabee left home?

Answer: Clay’s family is faced with financial issues. His father is unable to meet the expenses of his family. This causes tension and quarrels between his father and mother. He gets sick of these. So, he decides to leave his house without any information and goes to Salinas.

Q.No.11: What does Clay want to put in the local newspaper?

Answer: Clay’s father has left his home without any information. His family is much worried. They are feeling his absence. They need him in such pitiable condition. That’s why, Clay wants to put an advertisement in the newspaper to make a request to his father to come back.

Q.No.12: Who is Miss McCutcheon? How does she feel about her job?

Answer: Miss McCutcheon is a fashionable, beautiful and young school teacher. She considers her job difficult and boring because the children of the town are careless and uncivilized. They show no interest in their studies. That’s why, sometimes, she wants to leave this job. But at the same time, she wants to teach the children.

Q.No.13: What is Miss McCutcheon looking for? How does she feel about the children of the town?

Answer: Miss McCutcheon is a fashionable, beautiful and young school teacher. She finds the children of the town careless, rude and uncivilized. They show no interest in their studies. She fails to handle them. That’s why, she is in search of brilliant children. She is also waiting for someone to marry her.

Q.No.14: What does Harry advise her to do?

Answer: Harry advises her to go back to San Francisco because he believes that she will get better chances of success and marriage if she goes back. He also advises her to teach the children English, singing, dancing and cooking for the time being otherwise she would be an utter failure there.

Q.No.15,17: What kind of haircut does Miss McCutcheon want? OR What does Miss McCutcheon think that a poodle haircut will do for her appearances?

Answer: Miss McCutcheon thinks that she is not fit to the environment. She decides to have a poodle haircut to change her appearance for two reasons. First, she would be charming and also be able to adjust in the environment. Second, she would be able to teach the students properly and can stay longer in the school.

Q.No.16: Can Harry give a poodle haircut?

Answer: No, Harry cannot give a poodle haircut because he is not a professional barber. He accidentally buys that shop and starts giving hair-cuts to the people. It brings before us another important aspect of his personality as a barber that he can give hair-cuts to men not women.

Q.No.18: Where has Clark Larrabee been? How did he get to Ok-by the-Sea?

Answer: Clark Larrabee had often quarrel with his wife due to his poor financial condition. However, a stage came where he could bear his wife no more. He got sick of his crises, quarreled with his wife and left his home. He boarded a truck and reached Salinas. Since then, he had been working in Salinas.

Q.No.19: What does Clark give Harry and for what purpose?

Answer: No doubt, Clark has left his house after quarrelling with his wife. However, he is worried about his family. That’s why, he gives Harry 30 dollars to give them to Clay who will take this money to his mother. He also asks Harry not to tell Clay that his father has given him that money.

Q.No.20: How for is it the Hollywood from Ok-by-the-Sea?

Answer: It is about 200 miles from Ok-by-the-Sea, situated at a prominent place. It means Hollywood is not very far from this town. The people who go to Hollywood stay at Ok-by-the-Sea to take rest.

Q.No.21: What does the man do?

Answer: The man is a writer. He writes a little but on every topic. He is kind, affectionate and affable. He is the man who does not get a hair-cur but pays Harry the bill. He also buys the oyster from Clay for 300 dollars just to help the poor family.

Q.No.22,23: What did Clay find near Black Rock? OR What does Clay believe is in the Oyster? How much is it worth?

Answer: Clay was a poor boy. On Sunday, he went to the beach to catch fish. During his research, he found an oyster near Black Rock. He felt delighted to find it because he believed that there was an oyster in the pearl. He thought that its price was 300 dollars.

Q.No.24: Does Miss McCutcheon think that there is a pearl in the oyster?

Answer: No, Miss McCutcheon was a school teacher. She was sensible and realistic and had scientific approach towards life. She thought that there was no pearl in it. She was of the opinion that only one oyster in a million had a pearl in it. She was right because there was no pearl in the oyster.

Q.No.25: Why does Miss McCutcheon have a chair with three legs?

Answer: Miss McCutcheon has a broken chair with three legs. She uses it to bring the things from the sea. It appears very strange when we see her using a broken chair. Perhaps, she wants to attract the attention of the people by using such a chair.

Q.No.26: What kind of judge is Judge Applegarth?

Answer: Applegarth was not a professional judge. He was called judge because once he judged animals in a country fair. It was the time when the people started to call him judge. In a way, it is correct to call him a judge because he judged the quality or kind of animals.

Q.No.27: What year it is?

Answer: It is 1953. It means the writer wants to throw light on an important era in the history. It was the time when after the Second World War, America and Europe were busy in reconstruction of society. They succeeded in defeating their enemies.

Q.No.28: What does Greeley have in a bottle?

Answer: Greeley has come from the sea carrying a bottle in his hand. He claims that there are little sea things in the water. He tells Miss McCutcheon that she cannot see these little things now. She can see them later.

Q.No.29: Who suggests that they should open oyster?

Answer: Miss McCutcheon who is a teacher is a sensible and wise lady. She believes in the power and principles of truth. Unlike Harry, she believes that there is no pearl in the oyster. That’s why, she suggests that the oyster should be opened so that the reality about the existence of pearl may be disclosed.

Q.No.30: Why do they want Wozzeck to come?

Answer: Harry wants to get the oyster opened. He himself does not want to open it because he thinks that he may damage it. He suggests to Clay, Greely and Roxanna to bring a watch repairer whose name is Wozzeck to open the oyster.

Q.No.31: How does Harry describe the inhabitants of the Ok-by-the-Sea?

Answer: Harry draws a very poor picture of the inhabitants of the Ok-by-the-Sea. He tells that most of the people are too poor to pay for a haircut. Every family has a garden and chickens. They sell eggs and vegetables and earn some money. Few get jobs but only for a very short period of time.

Q.No.32: How does Miss McCutcheon view Harry’s thinking about the pearl in the oyster?

Answer: Miss McCutcheon thinks that Harry is misleading the people by saying that the oyster has a pearl in it. She knows that Harry wants to help Clay by giving him 300 dollars. She does not support this idea. She believes that Harry must be realistic in his approach and teach people to be realistic.

Q.No.33: Why does the judge think that Miss McCutcheon will not last as a teacher? What kind of teacher does he think is needed?

Answer: The judge thinks that Miss McCutcheon is an inexperienced teacher. She is young and “a bathing beauty.” She will waste her time in maintaining her beauty. He thinks that their school needs an old, strict and experienced teacher. He is right because Miss McCutcheon also thinks that she is misfit in present environment.

Q.No.34: What is Applegarth complaint about the sea?

Answer: Applegarth is of the opinion that the quality of the sea stuff is not good. His grievance about the bad quality of sea stuff is completely right because the water of the seas is polluted due to negligence of the people towards water pollution.

Q.No.35: What kind of gadget does the writer describe?

Answer: The writer talks about a gadget. It is like a safety razor with which anybody can give anybody a haircut. It can save money of a father. On the other hand, it is also believed that the gadget like safety razor can have the negative effects on someone’s haircutting business.

Q.No.36, 37: Who buys the oyster? How much does he pay? OR Does the writer open the oyster? Why not?

Answer: The writer’s heart is full of the milk of human kindness. He wants to help the poor family. With this intention, he buys the oyster from Clay in 300 dollars. He does not try to open it to see if there is a pearl in it because he knows that there is no pearl in it.

Q.No.38: Why does Clark Larrabee return? 

Answer: Clark Larrabee returns to his home because he reads an ad in the newspaper and comes to know that his family is feeling his absence. He is an affectionate guardian. He feels that his family needs him. He also realizes his mistake of leaving his family alone and comes back.

Q.No.39: What does the writer do with the oyster?

Answer: After buying the oyster, the writer does not open it. He looks at it as if it were an egg and turns it in his fingers. Then, he puts it in his pocket and says good-bye to everybody.