Patriotism OR Why I Love Pakistan? (Weak & Average Students)

4.  Patriotism OR Why I Love Pakistan? 
Patriotism means love for the homeland. It is a natural passion. The man, who lacks it, is a dead soul. Shakespeare says, He, who does not love his country, can love nothing.” 
Pakistan is my beloved land. I love it from the core of my heart. My love for my country is not merely a show piece. It is rational, logical and deep rooted. It is in my blood. It is the only country in the world that was established in the name of Islam.
The people of Pakistan are a peace-loving nation. They have firm belief in the golden principles of Islam. These principles are equality, justice, brotherhood and humanity.
Pakistan is very dear to me because of its unique geographical position. It is the land of greenery, trees, sands, farms, high mountains, different kinds of flowers and of rivers. It has variety of seasons. It is also enriched with natural resources like coal, gas, salt, oil and iron, etc.
I love not only Pakistan because it is a state where the minorities have been living peacefully since its creation. They are respected and regarded. They are given equal opportunities in jobs and other fields of life. They are free to go to their temples and churches.
Whenever the people of Pakistan are faced with some national problem, they are ready to sacrifice anything for one another. They are one of the top ten countries in giving charity.
But one thing is heart-rending. For the last few years, the Pakistanis have been facing the problems of terrorism, suicide attacks, sectarianism and political upheavals. These problems are only because of some traitors and the involvement of external agencies which do not want to see Pakistan making progress. But the point to be noted is that the Pakistanis are facing all these problems courageously.
I feel real pride in being a Pakistani. I am always ready to sacrifice my belongings and even my life for the protection and integrity of my country. I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” (Nathan Hale)                                                                                       (Words: 347)