14. Overcoat


Q.NO.l. What was the colour of the overcoat of the young man?

Answer: The overcoat the young man had put on was brown. It was made of pure and fine material. The young man seemed to be very happy in it.

Q.NO.2. What was his appearance?                   

Answer: He was well groomed. He had thin moustaches and shining hair. He was wearing brown overcoat. He had a cane stick in his hand.

Q.NO.3. Why did the people come out on the Mall?       

Answer: It was the intense cold that forced the people to come out on the Mall to walk actively so that they might keep themselves warm by walking.

Q.NO.4. What were the people wearing who came on the Mall?

Answer: Most of the people were wearing overcoats of different kinds i.e. from astrakhan to the rough military khaki overcoat.

Q.NO.5. Why was the cat shivering?                        

Answer: The weather was cold and rough outside. Everyone was feeling the effect of cold. A small lean cat was also shivering due to cold.

Q.NO.6. Why did the driver of the truck speed away after the accident?

Answer: He thought that something serious had happened and he would be handed over to the police on the charge of the murder. That’s why, he sped away.

Q.No.7: Who took the young man to the hospital?

Answer: After the accident, a few passersby took the young man to the hospital in a car because he was in a precarious state after the accident.

Q.NO.8. What was playing in one of the restaurants?

Answer: An orchestra was being played in one of the restaurants. Different people inside and outside the restaurant were enjoying it.