New Year Resolutions by Elizabeth Sewell

New Year Resolutions by Elizabeth Sewell
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REFERENCE: These lines have been taken from “New Year Resolutions” written by “Elizabeth Sewell.”
CONTEXT: In this poem, the poetess has adopted a non-traditional attitude to welcome a new year. She believes that life must be spent consciously. We must make effort to make our life better. Otherwise, this life would be like that of animals. 
EXPLANATION:This is a thought provoking poem with a deep moral lesson. Most of the people adopt different methods to celebrate the arrival of new year. They enjoy parties, drink beer and enjoy fireworks but the poetess has a different approach. She says that we must take stock of our life and improve it. She thinks that the arrival of new year is the best time to do so. In the given lines, she makes a resolution at the start of the new year. She says that she has come to know the worth of being silent. Silence is gold.She has come to know that silence is the only way to purgate herself of all the evil thoughts and foolish actions. She will try to find out her weaknesses and try to remove them. She will try to find out the purpose of her creation. Self realization is the realization of Creator. She will try to face the reality whether sweet or bitter. This is the only way with which she can improve her life and become a useful member of society.