CONTEXT: In this poem the poet discusses the feelings about the approaching death. He is dejected to see his friend who is ready to go to the lap of death. He says that man is mortal. Sooner or later, we are to die. We can never stay here forever. The only thing that will stay with us is the love of God.

EXPLANATION: LINES 1 TO 5: In these lines the poet discusses his feelings to see a friend who is ready to die. He is terrified. He is so nervous and does not know what do. Death is inevitable. The others who are there are also ready to go to this eternal world. No one can remain here forever. He seeks God’s help in this moment of agony. He asks himself again and again what he should do.

EXPLANATION: LINES 6 TO 8: In these lines the poet says that everyone is talking of death which is unavoidable reality. The dead leave this world and their relatives are left behind to mourn for them. There will be nothing except their cries for the dead. Thinking all that, the poet is afraid and asks himself what he should do.

EXPLANATION: LINES 9 TO 11: In these lines the poet stresses us to have very deep and close relationship with God. He says that he is anxious to see his friend dying. He feels pangs in his heart as the scene is very painful for him. There is no attraction for him in this scene. Only God’s love can alleviate this pain. He seeks help of God and asks himself what he should do.

EXPLANATION: LINES 12 TO 14: In these lines the poet says that we should think of the reality. He gives the philosophy of Oneness. He tells that he is nothing without His love. He cannot think of living without his company because he cannot succeed in both the worlds without His love. He is always with the poet. He feels Him inside as well as outside. Without His love, the poet is completely in a loss. That’s why, he needs help of God to find peace of mind as well as soul.

Short Questions

Q.NO.1: Who has written this poem?

Answer: This poem has been written by Bullah Shah. He was a Punjabi poet. Mysticism was the prominent point of his poetry. His poetry has been translated into many other languages.

Q.No.2: What is the moral lesson of the poem? OR What is the central idea of the poem? (RP-12)

Answer: The poet tells that his friend has died. He also wants to die in the grief of his separation. But God’s love consoles him. He says that without God’s love, he will always be in loss.

Q.NO.3: When does a man remember God? (MUL-11, BWP-12)

Answer:  When some worry or grief surrounds a man, he begins remembering God. His remembrance of Allah goes beyond limits when he faces death.

Q.NO.4: What is the effect of the death scene? (AJK-12)

Answer: The death scene has a great effect on the poet’s mind. He asks God what he should do because he is afraid but he is satisfied to think that God’s love and mercy is with him.

Q.NO.5: Why does a person feel helpless on the death of a friend? (LHR-11, 12, FSD-09, RWP-11, MUL-08)

Answer: The death of a friend makes us helpless and defeated because we cannot avoid the decree of fate and have no solution to shun death.

Q.NO.6: Without whose love is Bullah in loss? (MN, SG-10, DG, GW, BP-11, DG-12)

Answer: Without God’s love, Bullah is in loss. After his friend’s death, Bullah is so disappointed that he is ready to leave this world but soon God’s love overpowers him and he becomes satisfied to think that God is with him.