My Hobby (Weak & Average Students)

My Hobby
            A hobby is an activity that we do in our leisure time. It is quite different from a regular profession. It is not for any monetary benefit. Its purpose is to invigorate both our mind and soul. There are so many hobbies. These hobbies include stamp collecting, gardening, coin-collecting, photography, reading and fishing, etc. But my favourite hobby is gardening. It makes me forget my worries and anxieties. It refreshes my mind and soul and removes my fatigue of a day’s work.
From the garden of plants;
Do I move towards the garden of inner joys?
The flowers dance on leaves,
And ideas dance on heartbeats and mind.
            I have a beautiful lawn in my house. Whenever I have spare time, I like to visit my garden. I like to cultivate beautiful flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. Flowers of different kinds are grown in my garden. Their sweet aroma spreads everywhere and refreshes my mind. Green fruit trees, lush grassy lawn and the thick mistletoe covering the front wall of my house enhance the beauty of my house. I have whitewashed the trunks of the trees. They also add to the beauty of the garden. In the center of the garden, a fountain has been built. Its water flows subterraneously to the beds of flowers and trees. The green grass of my lawn changes the look of the garden and gives it a new outlook. It refreshes my mind and removes my tiredness.
            I daily devote at least one hour to maintaining its beauty. When I am out of the house, the idea of visiting my garden in the evening fills me with pleasure. “The heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.”  
            Gardening is my passion. It is a source of energy and inspiration for me because it makes me ready for another day’s work. It brings me very close to nature because I see the growth and decay in nature and praise the Majesty of God. “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”                                                                                                                                   (Words: 335)