Aim in Life


“This one step—choosing a goal and

Sticking to it—-changes everything.”     (Scott Reed)
            Aim is very important in life. It is like a guiding star. It focuses all our energies to one point. It stimulates us to work. Robert Browning has rightly said, “Aim, if reached or not makes great the life.”
I also have an aim because “Eat, drink and be merry”is not the life. I want to be a professor of English. The reasons for my choice are following.
First, as we know, “The best people in the world are those who teach others.” These words have forced me to adopt this profession.
Second, my country has given me so many things. I want to do something in return. I think, teaching is the best profession with which I can lead my coming generation in the right vistas.
Third, my father is M.A. in English. He is professor at a local college. His literary thinking is also a source of inspiration to me.
Fourth, I am fond of studying books especially on English literature. By becoming a professor, I shall be able to quench my thirst of studying books especially on English Literature. I will be able to lead a life of learning and teaching. I will also be able to write genuine books on literature.
Fifth, I feel pleasure in solving the problems of others because service to humanity is a great virtue. With the help of this profession, I will definitely be able to help the problems of the students.
But as you know lofty aim requires unceasing effort, I work hard day and night to translate my dream into reality. I am going to leave no stone unturned to get my aim.
“The mould of man’s fortune is in his own hand.”   (Bacon)
Whatever others think of my aim, I am satisfied that to be a teacher is my personal choice. It is according to my taste and nature. If I go against it, the results will be utter failure.     (Words: 337)