Chapter No. 2 (Good-Bye Mr. Chips)

Q.NO. 1: Where was Brookfield (town) situated?

Answer: Brookfield was a small town. It was a marshy land. It was situated in the heart of England. Here a public school was named Brookfield in the name of the village.

Q.No.2: Where was Brookfield school situated? OR Describe the building of the school. OR What was situated beyond Brookfield? OR Write note on the building of school.             

Answer: Brookfield stood behind a line of old elm trees. The building was of red stones. It centered upon a quadrangle. It was covered with creepers. There were many playing grounds beyond Brookfield.

Q.NO.3: When was Brookfield established? OR When was the school rebuilt?

Answer: Brookfield was a grammar school. It was established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. However, it was rebuilt in the reign of George-I and large additions were made in it.

Q.NO.4:What type of school was Brookfield? OR What was the status of Brookfield?

Answer: Brookfield was a school of 2nd rank. It saw many ups and downs both in numbers and repute. It could never win the status of first rank. Some notable families supported it.

Q.NO.5: What type of people did Brookfield produce?

Answer: Brookfield performed great services for the country. It produced history making men of the age. It supplied fair samples of judges, bishops, peers, members of parliament, colonial administrators, merchants and professional men, etc.

Q.NO.6: What was Mr. Chips’ dream in his youth?

Answer: Like all the other young men of his age, Mr. Chips was also ambitious. He wanted to get a headship or senior membership in a first class school.

Q.NO.7: What was Chips at 40?

Answer: At 40, he was rooted, settled and quite happy at Brookfield.

Q.NO.8: What was Chips at 50?

Answer: At the age of fifty, Chips had gray hair. He was the doyen of the staff. However, he was still active and smart at that age.

Q.NO.9: What was Chips at 60?

Answer: At sixty, Chips was Brookfield. He became the guest of honour at Old Brookfieldian dinners. He was the court of appeal in all matters affecting Brookfield history and traditions.

Q.NO.10: What was Mr. Chips presented at the time of retirement? OR When was Chips given a farewell party?

Answer: In July 1913, Chips retired at the age of 65. At the time of retirement, he was given a farewell party. He was presented with a cheque, a writing desk and a clock. There were three cheers for him.

Q.No. 11: How much time did Chips spend at Brookfield?OR When did Chips retire?

Answer: Mr. Chips joined Brookfield school in 1870. He was 22 at that time. He served the school for 43 years and retired in 1913at the age of 65.

Q.NO.12: What type of scholar was Chips? OR Write a note on Chips as a teacher.

Answer: Chips was a scholarly person. His degree was not very good. He was also a man of weak discipline. He was not aware of the modern techniques of teaching. Even then he proved himself a great teacher.

Q.NO.13: “A decent career decently closed.” What does it mean?

Answer: These words have been spoken for the services of Chips as a teacher at Brookfield school. It means Mr. Chips served and left Brookfield in a dignified and graceful manner.