Chapter No. 5 (Good-Bye Mr. Chips)

Chapter No. 5

Q.NO.1: Why did Chips often look at his feet?

Answer:When he recollected his past, he often looked at his feet and wondered which one was wrenched and caused a significant meeting between Chips and his future wife, Katherine.

Q.NO.2: What were Katherine’s views about school mastering?

Answer: Katherine liked teaching profession. She considered it a different and great profession. She felt comfort to think that it could influence those who would grow up and matter to the world.

Q.NO.3: Did Mr. Chips tell her about his weaknesses before marriage? OR What did Mr. Chips tell her about him? OR What were the weaknesses of Chips?  

Answer: Mr. Chips told her his weaknesses openly. He told her that he was a man of weak discipline. He also told her that he would never get a promotion in his career.

Q.NO.4: What was her reaction when Mr. Chips told his weaknesses?

Answer: When Chips told her his weaknesses openly, her reaction was very positive. She heard him calmly and just laughed in answer. It showed her willingness to marry Chips.

Q.NO.5: What was Katherine’s family background? OR How was Katherine married?

Answer: Katherine had a very humble background. She was an orphan. She was married at the house of her aunt at Ealing.

Q.NO.6: Write a note on Mr. Chips’ married life.

Answer: After marriage, Chips and Katherine had a very happy life. They were completely in love. They had complete harmony between them. However, their married life lasted for only two years.