Chapter No.4 (Good-Bye Mr. Chips)

Q.NO.1: Who was with Chips when he went to Lake District? OR Where did he stay at Lake District? OR How long did they stay together at the Lake District? OR Why did Mr. Rowden go back to his home after a week?

Answer: His colleague Mr. Rowden was with him when Chips went to Lake District. They stayed there for only a week but Rowden had to go back on some family business. However, Chips stayed there.

Q.NO.2: When did Mr. Chips and Katharine meet each other and what were their ages?

Answer: Chips and Katherine met each other during their visit to Lake District in the summer vacation of 1896. At that time, Chips was 48 and Katherine was just 25, young enough to be his daughter.

Q.NO.3: How did they meet each other? OR What caused Mr. Chips to rush to a dangerous edge at Great Gable? OR How did Chips wrench his ankle?

Answer: At Great Gable, Chips saw a girl waving her hand. He thought that she was in difficulty. He ran towards her but slipped and wrenched his ankle. She took Mr. Chips to his house.

Q.NO.4: How did they fall in love?

Answer: After Chips’ injury, Katherine daily nursed him because she considered herself responsible for his injury. Both developed liking for each other. Within few days, they were completely in love with each other.

Q.No.5:Why did Katherine like Chips?

Answer: Chips and Katherine were completely in contrast with each other. However, Katherine began to like Chips because he had gentle and quiet manners. He was not very articulate. He was also a candid fellow.

Q.No.6: Why did Chips like Katherine?

Answer: Chips and Katherine were completely in contrast with each other. However, Chips liked her for her beauty, decent manners, modernism, broad mindedness and her kind and loving nature.

Q.NO.7: What did Chips think about the modern woman? OR What were Mr. Chips’ views about nice women?

Answer: Chips thought that nice women were timid. He did not feel comfort in the company of modern women. He believed that they should be treated politely by the nice men at a distance.

Q.NO.8: When did Mr. Chips marry Katherine?

Answer: Chips made engagement with Katherine before he could walk without a stick and recover fully. He married Katherine in London a week before the beginning of the autumn term.

Q.NO.9: What was Katherine? OR What was Katherine’s profession?

Answer: Katherine was a governess by profession but unluckily she was out of job when she met Chips.

Q.No. 10: Write a note on Katherine’s physical appearance.

Answer: Katherine was a young and beautiful girl of 25. She was an attractive girl with blue flashing eyes and freckled cheeks. Her hair was of smooth straw colour.

Q.NO.11: What type of girl was Katherine?

Answer: Katherine was a beautiful and modern girl of 25. She was kind and caring. She did not like class distinction. She favoured higher education for women. She was an expert climber.

Q.No.12: What was Katherine’s taste in reading? OR What were Katherine’s political views?

Answer: Katherine liked and admired the modern writers like Ibsen, Bernard Shaw and William Morris. That’s why, she had radical views in politics. She believed that women ought to have right for vote.

Q.No.13: What were Katherine’s views about women rights?

Answer: Katherine was a great supporter of women rights. She believed that they ought to have right for vote. She was also a great supporter of higher education for women at university.

Q.No.14: Why was summer of 1896 very dear to Chips?

Answer: Summer of 1896 was very dear to Chips because of two reasons. First, he was appointed housemaster. Second, he met his future wife, Katherine during his visit to Lake District.