Chapter No.3 (Good-Bye Mr. Chips)

Q.NO.1: What job did Mrs. Wickett do at Brookfield? OR Who was Mrs. Wickett?

Answer: Mrs. Wickett was the land-lady of Mr. Chips.  Before she saved money, she had been the in charge of the linen-room at Brookfield school.

Q.NO.2: What was the condition of Mrs. Wickett’s house?

Answer: It was an ugly but pretentious house. However, it did not matter because the best thing about that house was that it was situated near Brookfield across the road.

Q.NO.3: What was the condition of Chips’ rented room?

Answer:Chips’ rented room was an ordinary room. However, it was very comfortable room. It was decorated with school masterly taste. It had some bookshelves, a Turkey carpet, big easy chairs.

Q.NO.4: How did Chips spend his afternoons? OR What would Chips do in the afternoon in mild weather when he lived at Mrs. Wickett?

Answer: In the mild weather, he went to the play grounds in the afternoon. He watched the games of the boys and talked to them. He also invited the new boys and teachers to tea.

Q.No.5: With what did Chips serve the new boys and the teachers?

Answer: Chips served the new boys and teachers with walnut cake with pink icing and tea. Sometimes, there was a pile of soft cakes soaked in butter in front of the fire.

Q.No.6: Who was young Branksom?OR What did young Branksome tell Chips about Collingwood?

Answer: Young Branksom was a student at Brookfield. He came to see Chips at Mrs. Wickett’s. He told Chips that Major Collingwood, an old Brookfieldian was his uncle. He was killed in Egypt.

Q.No.7: What did Chips tell Mrs. Wickett about Major Collingwood? OR Why was Collingwood thrashed by Chips?

Answer: Chips told Mrs. Wickett that once he thrashed Collingwood because he had climbed on to the roof of the gymnasium to get a ball out of a gutter.

Q.No.8: How did Collingwood treat Mrs. Wickett?

Answer: Mrs. Wickett told Chips that Collingwood was a cheeky like boy. He had always been rude to her. However, there had not been any exchange of bad words between them.

Q.NO.9: What was the financial condition of Chips after retirement?

Answer: After retirement, Chips had no worries because his pension was suitable. He could afford everything. He donated his money to the poor people, to various school funds and Mrs. Wickett.

Q.NO.10: What was Chips’ taste in reading?

Answer: In so far as Chips’ taste in reading was concerned, he liked to read detective novels. He read Virgil and Xenophon. Sometimes, he read Doctor Thorndike or Inspector French.

Q.NO.11: What was Chips’ favourite newspaper? OR Why did Chips like “The Times?” 

Answer: His favourite newspaper was “The Times.” He read it daily. It had articles of Latin and Greek. These articles had a few tags. Chips recognized them to a large extent.

Q.No.12: What were Chips’ quiet enjoyments?

Answer: Chips’ quiet enjoyments were reading, writing, talking, taking tea and recollections of the past incidents. He also remained busy in making corrections for the Brookfieldian Directory. All these gave him pleasure.