1. The Dying Sun by Sir James Jeans

   1. THE DYING SUN (Sir James Jeans)

Questions & Answers (Based on Exercise)

Q. No. 1: How is it that a star seldom finds another star near it?

Answer:Millions of stars are wandering in space. They are present at a distance of millions of miles from one another.  That’s why, a star seldom finds another star near it.

Q. No. 2, 3, and 4: What happened when, according to Sir James Jeans, a wandering star, wandering through the space, came near the sun? OR How did a mountain come into being? OR What happened when the wandering star came nearer and nearer? OR What happened when the star began to move away from the sun? OR What are planets? How were they formed? OR When did our solar system come into being?        

Answer: When a wandering star came near the sun, it created a mountain on the surface of the sun but when the star started to move away from it, the mountain broke into pieces. These pieces are the planets. Our earth is one of them.

Q. No. 5: Why is there no life on stars?                       

Answer: The stars do not have suitable temperature. They are extremely hot. Life cannot exist in liquid state on the stars. That’s why, there is no life on stars.

Q. No. 6: Write a note on the beginning of life on earth? 

Answer:According to the writer, one of the cooling pieces of the sun created simple organisms. These simple organisms became complex and later became human beings.

Q. No. 7: Why is the universe frightening?                                        

Answer: In the universe, life exists only on the earth. This fact frightens us. Its immense distances, our littleness, stretches of time in space and our sense of loneliness also frighten us. 

Q.No.8: What in your opinion should be the conditions necessary, for the kind of life we know to exist on other heavenly bodies? Do such conditions generally exist? OR What are the conditions needed for life? OR Is human life confined to the earth only, if so , why?

Answer: The first condition for the existence of life is suitable temperature but only the earth has this temperature. Except the earth, no other heavenly body has suitable temperature.


Q.No.1: Does, according to Sir James Jeans, life seem to have any part in the plan of the universe? (FB-2009)  

Answer: Life does not seem to have any part in the plan of the universe. On one hand, stars are very hot and on the other hand, space is very cold.

Q.No.2: What, according to Sir James Jeans, are the main characteristics of human beings? OR For what qualities does the writer distinguish humankind from other creatures? (FB-2015 Supp)              

Answer: The human beings have the qualities of feelings, ambitions, sense of beauty and love for religion. It is these qualities that distinguish them from other creatures.

Q. No.3: How large are the stars? OR How small is the earth? (FB-16)   

Answer: Few stars are hardly bigger than the earth. However, most of the stars are so large that millions of earths could be packed inside each and leave room to spare.

Q.No.4: What are temperature belts and what has the existence of life to do with them? (FB-2015)                

Answer: These are the temperature zones. They are at a certain distance from a star. The space near the stars is comparatively hotter than the belts away from them.