Chapter Number 12 (GOOD-BYE MR.CHIPS)

                             CHAPTER # 12

Q.No.1: What happened when the fatal disease “German Measles” spread? OR Why was the big hall of Brookfield turned into a hospital ward?   

Answer:  In 1880, “German Measles” spread. It affected a lot of boys. That’s why, big hall of Brookfield had to be converted into a hospital ward.

Q.NO.2: Write a note on Mrs.Brool.                                               

Answer: Mrs.Brool ran a tuck shop at Brookfield. Later, she left this job.

Q.NO.3: Who was the successor of Ralston? OR Write a note on Mr.Chatteris. 

Answer: Mr. Chatteris was the successor of Ralston. He was 34 when he joined school. He was very caring person. He had known the importance of Mr. Chips for the school.

Q.NO.4: What was Chatteris’ behaviour with Chips?       

Answer: Chatteris and Chips had great relationships. Chatteris always respected Chips because he recognized in Chips Brookfield institution. Chips also respected him.

Q.NO.5: When did Mr. Chips retire and what was his age at that time? OR Why did Chips decide to retire?     

Answer: Mr. Chips had bronchitis in 1913. He was unable to perform his duty properly. So, he offered his retirement in the same year at the age of 65.   

Q.No.6: How long did Chips remain at Brookfield?   

Answer: For more than forty-two years, Chips worked at Brookfield. He worked with dignity for the glory of the school. He was respected, obeyed and loved there.

Q.NO.7: Where did Chips live after his retirement?  OR Why did Chips decide to live across the road near Brookfield after his retirement? OR How long did he stay at Mrs.Wickett?  

Answer: Chips had deep attachment with Brookfield. That’s why, he rented out a room at Mrs.Wickett just across the road. He lived there for 18 years.

Q.NO.8: Write a note on the speech by Chips in the farewell party.  

Answer: On the occasion of his farewell party, he made a speech. It contained so many jokes. He narrated so many incidents of his school life. 

Q.NO.9: What reference did Chips make to the captain of the school?  

Answer: Chips said that the captain belonged to an exaggerated family. He once gave one mark to his father but he exaggerated the one into seven. It caused roars of laughter.


Q.NO.10: What changes did Chips remember that took place in school in the last 42 years?   


Answer: Chips remembered the first bicycle that came to Brookfield and the hard frost for seven days. He also remembered German Measles, tuck shop and Mrs. Brool.


Q.NO.11:  When and where did Chips go for a cure? OR Where did Chips stay at Wiesbaden? OR When did Chips return from Wiesbaden?


Answer: Chips went to Wiesbaden for a cure in August 1913. There, he stayed at the home of a German master at Brookfield, Herr Staefel. He returned in September 1913.


Q.NO.12: How did Chips spend his life after retirement?   


Answer: Every weekend, he enjoyed the visits of his students. He also invited the new boys and teachers to tea. He served them walnut cake with tea.