Chapter Number 15 (GOOD-BYE MR. CHIPS)

                            CHAPTER # 15

Q.No.1: How did Chips encourage his students during the air raids? OR How did Chips take his class during the shelling?

Answer: Chips advised the students not to care for shelling. He kept them busy in their lessons. He encouraged the students by telling them jokes.

Q.NO.2:   How   many   people   were   killed when   five   bombs   fell   in   and   around Brookfield?        

Answer: Five bombs fell in and around Brookfield, the nearest of them just outside the school grounds. Nine people were killed due to this bombing attack.

Q.NO.3:  When and why did Chips resign for the 2nd time? OR Why did Chips resign after the war?  

Answer: On November 11, 1918, after the end of the war, Chips caught cold. He was not able to attend the school and perform his duty well. So, he resigned again in 1918.

Q.No.4: Who was Burrow? OR Who was stink merchant?

Answer: Burrow was a lean and pale science teacher at Brookfield. He was medically unfit fellow. The boys made jeered at him and called him stink-merchant.

Q.No.5: Who was Maynard?                                                       

Answer:Maynard was fat and a clever boy at Brookfield. He was also a bit rude. During shelling, he offered himself to construe his Latin lesson on Chips’ request.