Chapter Number 18 (GOOD-BYE MR.CHIPS)

                                                     CHAPTER # 18

Q.NO. 1: What happened when Chips came to senses?        

Answer: When Chips came to senses, he found Dr.Merival, Mrs.Wickett, Cartwright and Old Baffles standing around him. Cartwright said that it was a pity that Mr. Chips had never any child. But Chips replied that he had thousands of children———all boys.

Q.NO.2: Write a note on Cartwright.                                   

Answer: Cartwright was the headmaster of the school. He joined school after the resignation of Chips. His behaviour with Chips was friendly. He was very kind to Chips.

Q.NO.3: What did Chips remember on his death bed?   

Answer: Merivale advised Chips to take rest. Mr. Chips slept but his mind was working. He remembered Brookfield and Great Gable where he met Katherine.

Q.NO. 4: How was the death of Chips announced? OR What was announced in Brookfield at the death of Chips?  OR What did Cartwright say in his speech about Chips’ death?

Answer: After Chips’ death, Cartwright announced his death in the morning. In his speech, he said: “Brookfieldwill never forget his lovableness.”