Chapter Number 17 (GOOD-BYE MR.CHIPS)

                             CHAPTER # 17

Q.No.1: Where was Mrs. Wickett on the day of Chips’ death?

Answer: On the day of Chips’ death, Mrs. Wickett was not with Chips. She had actually gone to a neighbouring village to meet her relatives.

Q.No.2:  What were the things Chips had never done in life?

Answer: Chips had never done two things in his life. First, he had never travelled by air. Second, he had never gone to a cinema.

Q.NO.3: Who came to meet Chips on the last day of his life and what did he say to Chips?  

Answer: A small boy, Linford came to meet Chips. He asked Chips if he wanted to meet him. It was a typical style of every visitor who came to see Chips.                       

Q.No.4: Why did Linford come to see Chips? 

Answer:Linford came to see Chips because someone had told him that Mr. Chips wanted to see him. He was the last one who had come to meet Chips before his death.

Q.NO.5: What did the newcomers ask Chips when they came to see Mr. Chips?

Answer: Every newcomer had a typical style whenever he visited Chips. He asked Chips if Chips wanted to meet him.

Q.NO.6: Discuss the meeting between Linford and Chips.

Answer: Chips discussed different matters with Linford. But, Chips felt a great shock when Linford said “Good-bye Mr. Chips.” He fell unconscious because Katharine had used the same words a day before their marriage.