Chapter Number 16 (GOOD-BYE MR. CHIPS)


Q.No.1: What season did Chips like the most and why? OR Why did Chips not like winter?   

Answer: Summer was the favourite season of Chips. He liked this season because he was afraid of getting cold in winter. He had to sit by the fire.

Q.No.2: Why did Chips like Brookfield?                   

Answer: Actually, he got great success as a teacher at Brookfield. He was considered part and parcel of Brookfield school. That’s why, he liked Brookfield. 

Q.NO.3: How did Brookfield serve during the general strike of 1926?  OR What event took pace in 1926 in England?

Answer: Economic crisis in England caused strike in 1926. The teachers and the students of Brookfield maintained the supply line and protected the private and government property.      

Q.No.4: How did Chips earn the reputation of a jester? OR Write a note on Chips’ humour? 

Answer: Chips was a witty and humorous fellow. He often made jokes. At some meeting, the people anxiously waited for jokes from Chips. This won him the title of ‘jester. 

Q.NO. 5: When did Chips make his will?  OR What was Chips’ will?

Answer: In 1930, Chips made his will. He gave some of his belongings to Mrs. Wickett and mission school and the rest of his property for the school entrance scholarships.

Q.No.6: Who was Gregson? OR What did Chips tell Gregson?

Answer:Gregson was an old pupil of Chips. Chips said to him that he was always late in everything.  He would also be late in getting old. 

Q.No.7: Why did Chips not attend the old boy’s dinner in London in 1929?

Answer: Chips did not attend the old boy’s dinner in London in 1929 because he was afraid of chill.  He was afraid of getting cold.     

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